The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 364 - State The Obvious. I Bullied Her

Chapter 364 - State The Obvious. I Bullied Her

Song Shanshan’s words were basically stating the obvious, instantly putting a frown on Zhang Qishan once he heard her.

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"What happened? Feng’er, did you bully Shanshan again?" Zhang Qishan immediately aimed for his son, Zhang Shaofeng.

"Eh? Dad, I didn’t!" Innocent, Zhang Shaofeng turned to glare at Song Shanshan feeling wronged.

"Uncle, no, Shaofeng didn’t bully me, he really didn’t..." Song Shanshan’s voice softened as she spoke, a pitiful tone tinging her words.

Her piteous state only served to make Zhang Qishan misunderstand the situation further.

Shooting the accusation at his son again, Zhang Qishan berated Zhang Shaofeng loudly, "Feng’er, Shanshan’s like your younger sister. How can you bully your sister every day!"

"Dad, I didn’t!" Angered Zhang Shaofeng scowled back at his father. There was a sense of fiery resolution of a man in his tone.

"Besides, I don’t have a sister like her! Shady two-face!" Unable to hold himself back, Zhang Shaofeng continued growling.

"Uncle, don’t get mad at Shaofeng because of me. That’s not nice. It’ll only make him hate me more..." It was not yet irreconcilable... until Song Shanshan added fuel to the fire.

Zhang Qishan was enraged. He thought that Song Shanshan and the others were his distant relatives who had come to visit him all the way from the far-off village, yet his son was embarrassing him for repeatedly unwelcoming them.

Raising his hand, Zhang Qishan was going to land a harsh slap on Zhang Shaofeng.

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No one saw how Song Shanshan flashed a little gloating smirk toward Zhang Shaofeng.

As Song Shanshan watched Zhang Qishan’s palm hurl down at Zhang Shaofeng and was about to get his face, a pair of fair delicate arms extended to stop the man.

Yun Jian’s hands blocked Zhang Qishan as she pulled Zhang Shaofeng aside to avoid his father’s slap.

"Mr. Zhang, I bullied her." Without any evasion, Yun Jian stepped out boldly to admit the fact.

"You?" Zhang Qishan was stunned. As if getting to know Yun Jian once more, he scanned her from head to toe staying dumbfounded.

Song Shanshan gritted her teeth, not expecting Yun Jian to step forward and admit it on her own, but it was timely.

"Uncle, don’t fight with them for me. I’m going back to the countryside after a few days anyway..." Song Shanshan feigned a look like she was being forced to go back.

It made Zhang Shaofeng and his friends shudder in disgust.

"Go, go! Go back as soon as you can!" Zhang Shaofeng shouted with Song Shanshan’s words.

Of course, the latter was not planning to actually go back. She was just playing the pity card in front of Zhang Qishan. He would allow her to stay in the end anyway.

Song Shanshan was right. Zhang Qishan bellowed, "Feng’er!" at Zhang Shaofeng the moment he heard how rude his son was. Then, he turned to look at Song Shanshan and started gently.

"Shanshan, it’s my fault. It mustn’t be an easy trip to come here, don’t leave so soon when you could stay longer here..."

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