The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 366 - Back To The Village. Is It A Man Or A Woman?

Chapter 366 - Back To The Village. Is It A Man Or A Woman?

Song Shanshan had nothing to say this time, her face fell.

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After she had someone free her when Yun Jian tied her up earlier, she vowed her revenge through gritted teeth; whilst someone in her clique picked up Yun Jian’s down jacket out of convenience.

All of them came from the impoverished countryside. Food and warmth was a year-round issue for the one who took the down jacket, quickly copping the down jacket when she saw that Yun Jian no longer wanted it.

What a waste to discard a decent piece of clothing like this!

Song Shanshan did not pay attention to it, leading the group over here as soon as she was freed from her restraint and filled with the thought of taking revenge on Yun Jian.

It did not cross anyone’s mind that a mindless mistake like this would expose her.

"I... I..." Song Shanshan repeated the word, unable to come up with anything to continue.

Although Zhang Qishan was from a humble village, he could simply see through Song Shanshan’s change in expression after being a businessman for years.

In addition, Yun Jian was wearing that down jacket when he first saw her but the garment was now in the hands of someone in Song Shanshan’s clique. What could it mean?

"Uncle, I..." Song Shanshan was hurrying to explain but Zhang Qishan stopped her, "Alright, you don’t have to say anything. Tomorrow, I’ll send you guys back to the village."

Zhang Qishan must not be blamed for doing a one-eighty.

Toiling in Longmen City in his early years, he had met enough scheming deceits and two-faced people. After falling for them several times, Zhang Qishan very much so hated people like that.

In the beginning, Song Shanshan and her clique gave Zhang Qishan the impression that they were good children who would not do anything bad. They were from the countryside too and they were his distant relatives. He had to take good care of them.

Right after finding out Song Shanshan’s true nature just now. Zhang Qishan did not reveal it instantly, but the impatience he was wearing on his face was enough to prove something—he no longer wanted to be of acquaintance to Song Shanshan and others.

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Furthermore, Zhang Shaofeng was his son. As a father, it was only natural that he was inclined to his own child.

"Uncle..." Song Shanshan panicked seeing that Zhang Qishan meant what he said.

In spite of it, the man cut her off brusquely just as she called out. "Enough, you guys have been here for days too. Your parents will be worried."

It was a solid conclusion that Zhang Qishan was determined to send the teenagers back.

Song Shanshan’s face fell, increasingly resentful of Yun Jian and her friends.

While this saga unfolded, a middle-aged man hurried to Zhang Qishan and asked him, "Mr. Zhang, is New Cruise’s director here already?"

There was a pause from Zhang Qishan before he was reminded that said person would be here today as well. It took him another two beats before he shook his head. "Not yet."

Actually, Zhang Qishan did not know who New Cruise’s director was either.

It was obvious that this middle-aged man who had suddenly made his way over had a favor to ask from the director as his gaze dulled at Zhang Qishan’s answer.

"New Cruise? Uncle, is it the New Cruise Company that’s been super popular recently?" Song Shanshan perked up and asked Zhang Qishan, snapping her head up.

Zhang Qishan disliked Song Shanshan’s hypocrisy but it would be a stretch to ignore her, so he nodded.

"Is New Cruise’s director a man or a woman?" Song Shanshan continued asking.

Yun Jian who stood nearby was puzzled at Song Shanshan’s question too, but she saw the reason from the latter’s eyes.

If New Cruise’s director were a man, it seemed that Song Shanshan planned to seduce him.

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