The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 367 - No Game For Song Shanshan. Your Company

Chapter 367 - No Game For Song Shanshan. Your Company

It was not difficult for anyone with some common sense to see Song Shanshan’s motive from her gaze, especially when she was from the countryside. Bumpkins like her would definitely be reluctant to be sent back to the village out of the blue when she had stayed here for several days living like a rich kid.

"Hmm, I’m not exactly sure. But why are you asking, Shanshan?" Zhang Qishan answered and followed up with a question, not understanding what Song Shanshan was thinking about.

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"Oh, nothing, uncle. Nothing! I’m just asking." Song Shanshan did not mention it but she wore an intrigued expression.

Excitement and anticipation were reflected on her face. She hoped that New Cruise’s director was a man, then she could...

Zhang Shaofeng, Chen Xinyi, and Ling Yichen were slightly stunned by Song Shanshan’s words before they figured out her intention swiftly, all chuckling at her in their minds.

’Heh, the support you want to leech on, the director of New Cruise, is right in front of you!’

"They’re here, they’re here. New Cruise’s men are here!" Someone could not help crying out when a few people made their appearances at the entrance.

These people were men between their thirties to forties and were executives of New Cruise who were seen attending various events representing the company.

Yun Jian knew them too and was very familiar with them.

They were men who followed her and Zhang Zhifan out of Xinjiang Town for the venture. Now, all of them looked like they had achieved something great.

"They’re here! Which one’s New Cruise’s director?" Song Shanshan yelped once she sighted the men. She could not help vowing in her mind—if one of these men was New Cruise’s director, rest assured she was going to fling herself on him!

She was not going back to the wrecked countryside! She, Song Shanshan, refused to go back to the village and this is the only solution she could come up with.

The men’s presence beckoned Zhang Qishan’s attention. He had heard of New Cruise’s reputation and anyone among these men could be the famed New Cruise’s director. He was thrilled by the thought.

The men scanned the venue and moved toward where Yun Jian was.

Song Shanshan nearly shrieked from the sight.

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Oh my god, were they walking over because they spotted her!?

Yun Yi stood beside Yun Jian with a frown, not bewildered despite the men coming toward them.

It was until these men came to Zhang Qishan and under his flabbergasted stare, went around and behind him toward Yun Jian, to make a ninety-degree bow at Yun Jian while calling out in unison, "Sister Jian!"

Sister Jian...


These executives of New Cruise were addressing Yun Jian as Sister Jian. This meant that...

Song Shanshan’s smile froze as she stood shocked.

Zhang Qishan was stunned as well.

Yun Yi who was beside Yun Jian felt a twitch in his eye.

Zhang Shaofeng walked over with a chuckle and slung his arm over one of the men to begin chatting, "Bro Hei, why are you only here now!"

The man who was called Bro Hei was one of the thugs who left Xinjiang Town with Yun Jian back then.

Zhang Shaofeng, Chen Xinyi, and Ling Yichen were helping out and learning from Zhang Zhifan at the company, so they were familiar with those working there.

When Zhang Qishan saw his son being so chummy with someone from New Cruise, he was dumbfounded.

Yun Yi’s shock could no longer be contained as just a shock. Staring at Yun Jian, he asked after a long moment, "Xian Jian, this New Cruise, it’s your company?"

Yun Yi was intelligent, having already connected many of the dots.

His younger sister’s change and the rise of New Cruise seemed to begin at the same point. The only reason he was asking Yun Jian now was to obtain a confirmed answer—yes or no.

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