The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 368 - I Founded It. I’ll Take My Leave

Chapter 368 - I Founded It. I’ll Take My Leave

Everyone’s gaze shifted to Yun Jian in the form of wonder at Yun Yi’s words.

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His question was exactly what they were all thinking about.

These middle-aged men were New Cruise’s executives. Other than Zhang Zhifan and the director of New Cruise, it was almost certain that they would not be reverent of someone else.

Yet, they went to Yun Jian and called her Sister Jian. What could it imply?

"You—what did you say? She...she—she... she’s New Cruise... director?" Before Yun Jian could answer Yun Yi, Song Shanshan was already screaming.

The director of New Cruise was a female and was this Yun Jian whom she had fought with? This reality was too much for Song Shanshan to handle.

"Is there a problem?" Yun Jian raised her brow and turned to glare at Song Shanshan before fading into a smile and looking at Yun Yi. Her tone was firm and honest as she came clean to him, "Yes, Yun Yi, I founded New Cruise."

Her monotonous words sparked surprise in those around her. Hearsay was never as real as what they witnessed for themselves.

Other than Zhang Shaofeng, Bro Hei, and other executives of New Cruise, everyone who heard what unfolded here, Yun Yi included, was rooted to their spot frozen with their last action.

This was New Cruise they were talking about!

It came rising up when it held the auto show. It had not even been two months when it took over the country by storm! Its sales in the car dealership industry fronted nationwide as an exemplary enterprise. The achievement was approved and sung praises by even international tycoons.

All that said, the director of a company like this, the founder of New Cruise, was actually a girl who was yet to turn eighteen!

Yun Yi parted his lips but nothing left his mouth ultimately from the overwhelming shock.

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Was this really his younger sister, Yun Jian?!

When Yun Jian saw the thorough astonishment on her brother’s handsome face, she pressed her lips together before explaining to him, "I didn’t tell you previously because I was worried that you won’t agree to me starting a company."

Of course, he was not agreeing to it!

If Yun Yi knew that Yun Jian was starting a company from the beginning, he would never allow her to embark on the route no matter what.

This was an entrepreneurial attempt after all—there are risks at any time!

Before Yun Yi replied, a voice intervened. "Cough, uh, nice to meet you, Miss Director. I have something I’d like to discuss with you..."

The person who spoke was the middle-aged man who came looking for Zhang Qishan just now to ask if New Cruise’s director was here. Before he could finish, however, Yun Jian cut him off. "You don’t have to come to me for any business matter. Go to Zhang Zhifan in the company. He’s able to make decisions."

Yun Jian was determined to be a carefree boss.

The man could only nod and go away.

"Mr. Zhang, thank you for your treat. I’ll take my leave first," Yun Jian told Zhang Qishan with a swing of her arms.

"Uh..." Zhang Qishan started but thought that he could ask his son, Zhang Shaofeng, who had been keeping things from him if he had any questions, so he nodded. "Mm."

Yun Jian then exchanged some words with Bro Hei and the rest of the men before bidding goodbye to Zhang Shaofeng, Chen Xinyi, and Ling Yichen, and turned to Yun Yi. "Ge, let’s go out and talk."

All this while, haughty Song Shanshan was utterly ignored.

In a blink of eyes, Yun Jian and Yun Yi were already exiting the dinner venue side by side.

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