The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 37 - Sending Yun Yi A Winter Blanket

Chapter 37 - Sending Yun Yi A Winter Blanket

Yun Jian was already seated at her desk and was loudly reciting a poem having picked up a textbook.

It was as if her somersault just now was merely a warm up exercise.

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The students who had arrived at school earlier had not even retrieved their textbooks to study, additionally, it was not yet time for teachers to supervise the class. Waking up so early in the morning, the majority of students wanted to laze about more than anything.

This caused Yun Jian’s light and airy narration of her textbook to be a voice that was one of a kind in the entire classroom.

Yuan Yingjun stood stationary. His good looking face fell a little.

He had come today with brimming confidence that he would have Yun Jian in his grasp.

Yet Yun Jian’s flip just now and her current reading voice were both indicating to him that she was blatantly ignoring him!

Humans had always liked what they could not obtain. This was the case with Yuan Yingjun too. He gritted his teeth discreetly, swearing to himself that he would seize Yun Jian one day.

Now, however, he no longer had the dignity to stay in Class (6). He turned around instantly without making any sound and slipped out of the classroom.

It was finally quiet again.

Yun Jian pressed her lips together gently and kept the textbook to toss it on the desk.

Did Yun Jian just chase away the school’s most popular guy?

The early comers who managed to witness the situation looked at Yun Jian in surprise.

It was almost certain that the news would spread throughout the school without needing long but that would be a worry for later.


A while after the incident, the bell for the morning self-study session rang. Lu Feiyan had come late today, hurrying into the classroom only after the bell rang.

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Mu Xiang was absent as expected; what happened yesterday probably left too deep of an impression that she would not dare attend school temporarily.

For the next few days, Yun Jian actually did not encounter any c.u.mbersome matters. Yuan Yingjun did not come to her anymore too.

Qin Yirou’s hands were gradually healing as well and she was nearly recovered now.

Of course, her speedy recovery was because the surgery was done excellently.

Qin Yirou was discharged on Friday night. Unpacking and cleaning up upon returning home, she sighed.

Since the accident happened, Yun Gang was not once home to visit her. She didn’t even know where he was these days.

Nonetheless, Qin Yirou no longer bore any hope in Yun Gang.

"Xiao Jian, it’s Saturday tomorrow. Go to Longmen City for me and send your brother a blanket. It’s going to be October soon. The weather is constantly changing nowadays, the temperature will drop once it rains. Your brother didn’t bring any thick blanket to school."

Qin Yirou told Yun Jian as she dropped a piece of meat into Yun Jian’s bowl during dinner while she only took vegetables.

Yun Jian placed the meat back into Qin Yirou’s bowl. "Mom, have it. This piece has too much fat, I don’t like it. I’ll go to the city tomorrow and send the blanket. Rest well at home and you’re not allowed to go to work either. You haven’t fully recovered yet. I’ll think of ways to make money."

If she did not say that she did not like the meat, Qin Yirou would certainly be reluctant to have it. After all, pork was sold for a high price currently.

"My child!" Qin Yirou was really thinking about returning to work at the factory after being discharged today.

The family expenditure was a great sum. If she had stayed idle, where would the money come from?

Yun Jian had not passed the ten thousand Chinese Yuan to Qin Yirou nor had she told her about it, afraid that it might freak her out.

As for Yun Jian’s declaration that she would find ways to make money, Qin Yirou took it as a joke; although, she was comforted by her daughter’s words.

Her baby Xiao Jian had grown up and matured.

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