The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 372 - A Stolen Antique—The Mission

Chapter 372 - A Stolen Antique—The Mission

Ge Junjian did not usually text them.

Under such circ.u.mstances, it must be urgent for Ge Junjian to inform them of the news through text messages.

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Dimming the screen of her phone, Yun Jian returned to the bedroom and saw Qin Yirou having already loaded everything on her bed to a woven bag. The latter was currently trudging out with some difficulty holding on to the bag.

"Mom, I’ll do it." Yun Jian went over and took the woven case from Qin Yirou.

"I can manage, Xiao Jian..." Qin Yirou called out at her daughter’s action.

"It’s okay, I’ll do it," Yun Jian told Qin Yirou with a grin and went ahead grabbing the bag with a single hand.

"I’ll carry your book bag then! Either that or you give me back the woven bag!" Qin Yirou went over to take the bag on Yun Jian’s shoulder, insisting to help her.

Her book bag was light, so Yun Jian let her. The woven bag she was holding, on the other hand, was heavy, even when it did not mean much to her.

Compared to the weight of the bags, Yun Jian was content that she now had mother’s love.


Lugging everything home, Yun Jian hastily told Qin Yirou that there was an emergency in the military before she headed out again.

Knowing that Yun Jian was a member of the Advanced Special Forces now, Qin Yirou made no opposition, as long as Yun Jian prioritized her safety. It was the least a mother could ask of her daughter.

"Xiao Jian, take this pancake along. You can have it on the way. It’s meal time now, you can’t skip dinner!" Qin Yirou hurried to Yun Jian when she saw her hastening away, pushing the pancake she had pan-fried earlier to her daughter.

"Thanks, mom." Yun Jian stuck her tongue out in a cheeky smile.

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"Silly girl, what are you thanking me for? We’re family!" Qin Yirou replied with a chuckle.

Yun Jian then left with a nod and a grin.

After she left home, she came to a parking lot around the headquarter of Falcon Hall. Her Ferrari sports car had been here all this while.

Hopping into the sports car, Yun Jian stepped on the accelerator and the car zoomed off, skidding into the roads and streets like a flash of lightning.

At the military training base, Chu Ning, Chu Xiangnan, and a few others were already in a line.

Yun Jian sped her way to the training camp and ran in, slotting herself into formation right in time. If one looked closer, there were pancake crumbs on the corners of Yun Jian’s lips.

Other than Yun Jian, Chu Ning, and the rest of their seven-member squad, there were several veterans of the Special Forces beside them. Some were even official Advanced Special Forces members.

Ge Junjian stood in front of everyone, looking back at them with a deep frown locked in place.

"Is everyone here? Headcount!" he hollered.

The group of militants did as told and with a confirmation of the number of members, Ge Junjian went into the topic.

"This mission is very urgent, thus requesting all of you here in the base," Ge Junjian said seriously, with a frown still locked in place.

He continued. "An incredibly valuable piece of antique in Zhe Province’s museum was stolen this morning and the culprit’s internationally infamous thief who’s very skilled."

"The antique is a national treasure of Country Z. Losing it isn’t just a loss of treasure, it’s a loss of Country Z’s pride!"

"All of you are summoned here today to pursue the antique!"

"Our current intel is limited. We only know that the thief’s headed for Country A. you’ll be heading to Country A for this mission and it’s absolute that you retrieve our nation’s antique!"

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