The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 373 - The MonarChapter Squad. To Country A

Chapter 373 - The MonarChapter Squad. To Country A

Ge Junjian spoke with a masculine, principled and righteous tone that mirrored the staunch stance and pride of a militant. Even when he was well into his middle age now, it did not change the fact that he was the leader of the Advanced Special Forces.

His words felt heavy with a sense of oppression to everyone, except Yun Jian.

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"Report! Is this mission executed immediately?" The leader of Yun Jian’s team, Liu Shiyun, asked.

Ge Junjian shifted his gaze to him and nodded. "Yes. I’ll deploy three squads to Country A. The antique must be reclaimed!"

Three squads were three teams of members. A team usually consisted of seven to eight people while Yun Jian’s team of seven was considered a squad too.

Deploying three squads to carry out the mission simultaneously was evident how much emphasis Ge Junjian had placed in this mission.

After his reply, Ge Junjian pointed to the members of the other two squads.

These two teams were Advanced Special Forces, veterans at that. Their abilities were frontal among the AFS as they were elites among them.

At the tip of Ge Junjian’s finger, it meant that these two squads were enlisted among the people he was sent to Country A for the mission.

Lastly, his hand stopped at Yun Jian and the team. He told the seven of them, "Get ready, you’re departing to Country A after thirty minutes. I’ll inform your families respectively."

"Seven of you have only given yourselves nicknames previously. You’re to think of a name for your squad now. Let me know after half an hour. Gear up with your weapons now."

This time, Ge Junjian had asked seven of them to put on the full gear. The mission at hand was far more challenging than the last one.

The reason Ge Junjian did not send all veterans for this was because the time Yun Jian’s teams had taken to complete their last mission was truly amazing. This should not have been a mission for newbies like them to take on, but he had sent them on it anyway. It was obvious how highly Ge Junjian regarded them.

Yun Jian and the team went into the armory.

They were not selecting only one weapon this time. They were wearing the full set of gears, the official Special Forces equipment.

The teenagers were not unfamiliar with the process. After the completion of their last mission, Ge Junjian had upped the level of difficulty in their training and followed the routine of the Advanced Special Forces!

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It was both an honor and torture to them.

Other than Yun Jian, the rest of the team were completely spent during this period of time.

Nonetheless, it was now time to put their practice into action.

"Hey, let’s discuss quickly. What are we calling our team? Heh, what about we follow my pseudonym and go with the Thor Team?" Chu Xiangnan asked with a laugh as he put on his equipment.

"Ew, yuck! No way!" Chu Ning snapped back at him.

"Let our leader name the team," Fang Xiaoran spoke up.

"Me? I can’t. Yun Jian, why don’t you suggest something?" Liu Shiyun waved his hands in dismissal and kicked the ball of the task to Yun Jian.

"Monarch," Yun Jian said with crescent eyes.

"What?" The rest were surprised.

"Team Monarch, the jewel in the crown," Yun Jian answered with a flip of hair that was covering her brow.

"That’s a great name!" Chu Ning was the first to respond, clapping her hands with a beam.

"Mm, we’ll go with this name then." Leader Liu Shiyun nodded.

Since their team leader had spoken, the rest of the team had no comments.

Team Monarch, the jewel in the crown—they were overseeing the world like a king, standing at the peak; no one was to walk over them as they would be executed without mercy!

Yun Jian pressed her lips together.

After they reported their team name to Ge Junjian and the latter cautioned them, cars took all three squads to Country A.

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