The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 374 - A Dispute In The Double-Decker Bus

Chapter 374 - A Dispute In The Double-Decker Bus

Country A was Country Z’s neighboring nation, sharing a border, but it took the Advanced Special Forces some time as they were traveling on land.

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This mission was highly risky. Ge Junjian had mentioned it before they were deployed. However dangerous it was, no one opted out of it.

War-stricken, Country A was in no place comparable to Country Z in terms of economic prosperity. In addition, the country had terrible law and order, bloodshed and murder on the streets a common sight.

Considering the fact that three squads amounted to over twenty members, Ge Junjian sent a bus to take them to the destination. It was a double-decker bus with seats in both levels.

Chu Ning and her peers were intrigued by the novelty and kept roaming both levels in the double-decker bus.

"This bus is so cool! It has two floors! Like a house, it’s a moving house!" Chu Ning skipped her way up and down the vehicle, sometimes plopping herself down beside Yun Jian.

Yun Jian, on the other hand, sat down quietly at a window seat on the upper level of the big bus. Her lips were pressed together as she gazed outside the window, her thoughts a mystery.

Since it was a double-decker bus, there were a lot of seats. With a total of a little over twenty people, all of them sat scattered. Basically, one could sit anywhere that was unoccupied.

All seven members of Team Monarch that Yun Jian was in sat separately on both floors too.

As Chu Ning went back and forth between the top and bottom level, she was currently away from Yun Jian as she ran for the seat in the lower level.

Yun Jian merely smiled at that, thinking to herself what an active child the girl was.

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The journey was a long one. Country A was near Country Z, but it was a foreign country outside of the border after all. They had to cover some distance traveling through various provinces from Zhe Province.

Many among the militants had begun to take their rest and sleep when they could.

Arriving in Country A would mean another life and death challenge. Each mission had its risk, after all.

Yun Jian shut her eyes as well for some rest.

Not even fifteen minutes into her nap, violent noises came from the bottom level of the double-decker bus.

With a frown, Yun Jian opened her eyes. It was the same time she heard a bellow from below her, "F*ck! What are you so proud of? You guys are just newbies—how capable are you!"

Yun Jian then heard hasty footsteps from the staircase that connected the upper level of the bus. It was Chu Ning who rushed up toward her, speaking anxiously, "Yun Jian’er, go have a look. Chu Xiangnan got into an argument with someone from the other team!"

Someone from the other team logically meant the other two teams aside from Team Monarch.

Yun Jian could not pretend like nothing happened when she was informed now. Standing up, she followed Chu Ning down the bus to the lower level. It was already exploding in dispute.

In front of Chu Xiangnan, a man in his twenties or thirties was held back by his teammates as he lashed out at the younger man, "You guys are just newbies in the forces! Do you really think you’re so great? You just completed one mission!"

The man’s tone was unforgiving. He looked as bearish as his brusque comments. Yun Jian had noticed right away that this man slating Chu Xiangnan was a member of the other team, Shao Weiming.

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