The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 375 - There Are Always People Better Than You

Chapter 375 - There Are Always People Better Than You

Shao Weiming was a member of the other team named Champ Squad. He was already twenty-nine, nearing thirty years old.

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He was not exactly old but it had been years since he joined the Special Forces. He had gone on a number of big missions but he had never been promoted.

Shao Weiming and Chu Xiangnan were positively in an argument, but the former was visibly more emotional than the latter. If Shao Weiming’s teammates did not hold him back, he would probably already be fighting Chu Xiangnan.

"Did you just call us green? What right do you have to call us that!" Chu Xiangnan’s tone was fervent as well. Unlike his usual jokester front, he was now retaliating fearlessly against Shao Weiming like he was defending his right.

"Are newbies now as arrogant as you guys from Team Monarch? Do you really think you’re better than us veterans just after accomplishing one mission brilliantly? Brat, let me remind you. You guys were still suckling from your mothers when we were already reporting for duties!"

Shao Weiming growled back at Chu Xiangnan fiercely as well.

"What’s going on here!"

Before Yun Jian said a word when she came down and saw Chu Xiangnan and Shao Weiming biting each other’s head off, a powerful voice came from her back.

A middle-aged man who was near forty years old spoke up sternly as he came down after Yun Jian. This strict looking man was the leader of Champ Squad, Yu Fengcheng.

Yu Fengcheng stepped out with an authoritative air. Once he spoke, Shao Weiming who was in his team quieted down.

"Cap, this bunch of newbies are really something! They just kept boasting about themselves. I just made some comments cause I couldn’t take it and he came roaring at me!" Shao Weiming tattled to Yu Fengcheng at once.

Coming to his forties, Yu Fengcheng assumed that he was sufficiently experienced. Scanning the area, he carried with him a superior and patronizing air.

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He did not look at Shao Weiming but at Chu Xiangnan, raising his voice in asking, "Where’s the leader of your team? I want him to speak to me."

Yun Jian was standing beside Yu Fengcheng. Glancing at him out of the corner of her eyes, there was a gleam in the girl’s gaze but she did not say anything.

"I’m the leader." Liu Shiyun pushed through the crowd and walked over.

"I don’t care what your team thinks but we’re out here for a mission. Teamwork is the priority! You guys are new. As veterans, we’ll tolerate you a little in some aspects. After all, you’re all young and full of vigor," Yu Fengcheng spoke without mincing his words.

There was a pause before he continued talking to Liu Shiyun—although, he was directing his words to all of Team Monarch, "Young people like you shouldn’t gloat when you amount to little achievement. There’ll always be taller mountains, just like there are always people better than you!"

What he meant was clear.

It was apparent that Yu Fengcheng had heard of the mission Yun Jian and team had gone on previously. It had been a difficult one, but they had completed it in less than half a day. This was no longer new in the Special Forces.

What Yu Fengcheng said was targeting the teenagers, telling them explicitly, "You guys may be quite skilled but don’t regard yourselves too highly!"

Liu Shiyun was also a team leader but he was only a little over twenty years old. Faced with the experienced Yu Fengcheng, he somehow lacked a little staunchness. Therefore, he made a sincere hum.

"Alright, that’s all. Dismiss yourselves! Don’t cause a scene for something so petty next time!" Yu Fengcheng said with a wave of a hand.

With that, everyone who was gathered around went off.

"Just you wait!" Shao Weiming spat at Chu Xiangnan before turning away.

This time, Yun Jian did not manage to contribute a word.

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