The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 377 - The First Slap. Nuisance

Chapter 377 - The First Slap. Nuisance

Yu Fengcheng had raised his question after raking his eyes over his own Champ Squad and scoping the other team, Flying Dragons.

He did not even regard Team Monarch, his eyes not once landing on them when he asked the question.

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Consequently, Yun Jian’s melodic voice actually came from behind him.

Yu Fengcheng was startled before he turned around and stared at Yun Jian, like everyone from Champ Squad and Flying Dragons did, asking skeptically, "You do? You sure?"

His tone was unbelieving. If it were someone else, Yu Fengcheng and others might just believe so, but Yun Jian was the youngest out of all of them.

Would she really learnt Country A’s language at her young age?

Country A was not even speaking English!

Uncaring for the disbelieving gazes thrown her way, Yun Jian went to the front desk of the hotel and knocked at the counter with the pad of her fingers. Meeting eyes with the lady who was working there, she spoke to her in Country A’s language that sounded exactly like a local, "Hello, beautiful lady, we have a total of twenty-one people. Please give us seven rooms."

There were twenty-one of them Special Forces, so seven rooms were just nice for three in a room. The girls Yun Jian, Chu Ning and Jiang Weiwei could all fit in one room as well.

"Sure, miss." The staff gave Yun Jian a pretty smile and attended to her request.

While they conversed, Yu Fengcheng and others were dumbfounded. Even when they did not know Country A’s language, they could hear that the accent Yun Jian had when speaking it was the same as this local receptionist. Moreover, the lady had replied to her, evidently having understood Yun Jian.

Yun Jian really knew how to speak their language!

Yu Fengcheng and the others were baffled, especially the former. Watching Yun Jian walk back with the receipt and recalling how he had underestimated her earlier, he glowered like he fell into a pit of dung.

"Ready for check-in," said Yun Jian with a shake of the receipt and room keys in her hand.

Checking-in for hotels in Country A did not require complex procedures. In addition, Country A itself was not the most secure in terms of safety. Yun Jian easily obtained the receipt and room keys after paying.

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The keys were the usual hotel card keys but since the country was underdeveloped, entry to the room was not by swiping the card.

As Yun Jian was there, everyone was able to move into their rooms swiftly.

Entering the hotel room, Chu Ning flopped down on the bed and chuckled looking at Yun Jian. "Heh, Yun Jian’er, you’re amazing! Did you see how irked that leader from Champ Squad looked? Hah, that’s for underestimating us!"

Chu Ning and Chu Xiangnan were frank with what they felt, more often than not expressing their feelings directly.

Yun Jian merely smiled at that.

Dum, dum, dum...

Someone knocked on their door then.

"I’ll get it!" Chu Ning sprang up from the bed and ran to get the door barefoot just as Jiang Weiwei put down her luggage.

The door opened to reveal their leader, Liu Shiyun.

"Get yourselves ready and gather at the lobby later. All three squads will discuss the plan together." Liu Shiyu was here to inform them.

"Okay, understood!" Chu Ning even gestured at the young man.

Yun Jian went around the room without taking her shoes off. As she heard what Liu Shiyun said, she followed him out straight away.

The lobby was a place the relatively deluxe hotel provided for guests to chat and relax. When Yun Jian, Chu Ning, and Jiang Weiwei came down, Yu Fengcheng and everyone else was already standing there.

"Tsk, women are just a nuisance!" As if seeking trouble, Shao Weiming raised his voice in commenting.

Other than Team Monarch, Champ Squad and Flying Dragons consisted of all men, so Shao Weiming’s words were directed at the former.

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