The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 378 - Work Together Or—I Can’t Accept It

Chapter 378 - Work Together Or—I Can’t Accept It

Shao Weiming’s specific jab revived no reaction from Yun Jian while Chu Xiangnan, Chu Ning, and others tuned him out automatically as they turned a blind eye when it came to him.

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Being ignored, Shao Weiming huffed and kept quiet in the end.

"Alright, quiet down!" Yu Fengcheng acted like he was the leader of all three squads again, calling out with a tap on the coffee table in front of him.

With that, everyone settled down.

"All three squads are here for the same mission, so we need to work together! Besides, the target of our mission is a globally infamous thief!" Yu Fengcheng expressed his thoughts.

"So you mean we should team up and work together?" someone asked.

Yu Fengcheng continued to express his view like he was making the most sense. "Yes, all three teams of us will work together to catch the thief and retrieve the item! During this time, I hope that we can unite to accomplish the task together without any more fights!"

This was Yu Fengcheng’s individual view. He made it sound so plausible and righteous that even he was impressed with himself.

Liu Shiyun kept quiet with a frown.

"I don’t agree." While they were almost done with the discussion, a crisp female voice rang again to cut them off.

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Yu Fengcheng felt a violent twitch on the corner of his eye. Turning around to seek the source of the voice, he found Yun Jian standing at her spot with a press of lips as she watched everyone’s attention shift to her gradually.

After a few seconds of silence, she reiterated, "I don’t agree. We have three squads now, twenty-one of us. Don’t you think it’s crying for attention if all three teams of us move together? This is like telling the thief who stole the antique that we’re coming to get you. I can’t accept it!"

"We’re promoting unity and teamwork and here you are trying to fly solo!" Someone from the Champ Squad shouted at Yun Jian indignantly.

Perhaps it was because of her young age, she was unable to earn her credibility even when she had spoken fluently in Country A’s language earlier.

"Exactly! Young girl, you aren’t experienced at all, you’ve been through too little. We’ve at least completed over a hundred missions. All of them we’ve accomplished through teamwork. We’re on a mission now! It’s not the time for you to do things at your whim!" Yu Fengcheng who embarrassed himself just now felt like blunting Yun Jian’s fiery spirit, thus retorting her in a condescending tone.

Yun Jian merely let out a chuckle. She nearly scoffed when Yu Fengcheng said that he had gone on more than a hundred missions but she held herself back ultimately, choosing to turn to Liu Shiyun and others. "What about you guys? Are you working together with them or with me?"

Yun Jian did not respond to Yu Fengcheng but her words spoke enough. She was asking her team if they were completing the mission with her or following Yu Fengcheng’s arrangement to carry out the mission with the rest of the men.

"Tsk, young girl, even a fool will know how to choose! Either you go your own way or you go with us!" The person from Champ Squad who spoke up just now made another jab at Yun Jian.

Yu Fengcheng lifted his chin up high as well. To him, Liu Shiyun and his members were certainly going along with him. After all, Yun Jian was just a teenager. How far could she go even when she was good?

As for Yu Fengcheng and the team he led, it was different. He had completed countless missions leading his men! It was impossible that Liu Shiyun would take his Team Monarch and go with a child like Yun Jian.

Then, the young man’s determined voice sounded. Liu Shiyun spoke decisively, "I’ll go with Yun Jian!"

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