The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 379 - A Step Ahead. The Tiandi Canyon

Chapter 379 - A Step Ahead. The Tiandi Canyon


Yu Fengcheng cried, thinking that as the leader of Team Monarch, Liu Shiyun would opt to go with him. It came as a surprise that the latter chose to go with Yun Jian.

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"I’ll go with Yun Jian’er too!" Chu Ning chorused without hesitation after Liu Shiyun.

"Me too!"



After Liu Shiyun, the other five spoke up continuously, their choices all the same. Even Jiang Weiwei who was at loggerheads with Yun Jian in the beginning was voicing out resolutely to stand with Yun Jian.

"You—you guys?" Yu Fengcheng’s hands shook.

He then swallowed looking at Yun Jian and team before spitting, "Good job, all of you! I was inviting you to work with us sincerely since you guys are all new! Since you don’t appreciate it, forget it!"

"Young people, you’re all too arrogant with your youth! Humph, you better look out for yourselves!" Yu Fengcheng made his last comment before flinging his hands and left huffing.

He was still single-minded, believing that he was right.

At the same time, he wanted to see for himself how Yun Jian and the team would fail for not choosing to work together with him!

Yun Jian did not expect her team members to believe her without a doubt. She wore a small smile looking at them, not saying anything. In spite of it, some things were already spoken with actions.

With Yu Fengcheng leaving, both the teams that were working together left. It was certain that Yu Fengcheng had later persuaded Flying Dragons and both the squads, Champ Squad and Flying Dragons were initiating a collaboration.

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Rejecting Yu Fengcheng’s invitation, Yun Jian, Chu Ning, and Jiang Weiwei went to Liu Shiyun’s room at night as all seven of them gathered to discuss their plan.

Coincidentally, Yun Jian received Ge Junjian’s text message during their discussion. The message was simple but it was informative as there was a clue for them, "The last appearance of the thief who’s stolen the antique is the Tiandi Canyon at Country A’s F City."

The Tiandi Canyon was a famous scenic destination in Country A. Gazing ahead into the dozens of kilometers in the canyon, there were no other life forms except for extensive stretches of rocks. The canyon was steep and winding with uneven planes.

"Holy sh*t, why’s the thief going there after stealing the antique?" Chu Xiangnan could not help cursing after reading the text.

"Too free I guess, haha!" Chu Ning laughed.

"We need two hours to go to Tiandi Canyon in F City from here. We’ll depart first thing in the morning tomorrow. Let’s rest up for today. Sleep now, we’ll wake up at four tomorrow morning," Yun Jian announced looking at the team as she stood up.

"4 am, oh my goodness!" Chu Xiangnan w.h.i.n.ed.

"Okay, we’ll follow what Yun Jian says!" Liu Shiyun stood up and declared.

"Alright, okay. We’ll sleep!" Chu Xiangnan shrugged and threw himself on the bed.

Yun Jian and the girls returned to their room as well.

Yun Jian could sleep anytime while Jiang Weiwei was able to adjust her sleeping time as well. It was Chu Ning who tossed and turned for some time before finally falling asleep. Early the next morning before there was even a sliver of sunlight, Chu Ning was yanked up from bed by Yun Jian in the darkness.

Other than Yun Jian, everyone else was still drowsy. In spite of it, they were quick to move to a nearby bus station and took the earliest bus to F City with Yun Jian leading them.

By the time Yu Fengcheng and others had woken up, it was already six in the morning. The man gave it a thought and went to look for Yun Jian. It was because she was the only one among them who knew how to speak the local language. Yet, when they managed to get the door to her room open, they were greeted with an empty room.

Yu Fengcheng was taken aback but they knew that Yun Jian and the team must have departed to F City a step ahead of them.

The older men had received the text last night as well, so they made their way to catch a bus to rush to F City’s Tiandi Canyon as quick as they could.

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