The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 38 - Yun Yi’s Friend. This Is My Younger Sister

Chapter 38 - Yun Yi’s Friend. This Is My Younger Sister

The next day was Saturday.

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Yun Jian woke up early as usual. After her run around Xinjiang Town, she went home and washed up.

It was about eight when she took the woven bag storing the blanket that Qin Yirou had folded it in last night and took the eight-thirty bus to Longmen City.

The bus ride was one and a half hours long to the city center. Yun Jian got off and boarded Bus No.31 that would drop her off directly at the gate of Di Yi Senior High School.

Di Yi Senior High School was the best senior high school in Longmen City housing the best teaching faculties and taking up twenty-five acres of land.

In addition, the high school entrance exam admission score of Di Yi Senior High School was particularly high. Those who could make it past the scoring line in Xinjiang Town Junior High School could be counted with the fingers of just one hand and Yun Yi was one of them.

During weekends, the gate of Di Yi Senior High School was open to all as some students would go home.

There were also many of them who stayed at the school.

Yun Jian went straight to Yun Yi’s classroom.

To be able to enter Di Yi Senior High School, the results of these students were generally the top in Longmen City; these students shared something common, the initiative to study.

Even when it was a weekend without classes and supervising teachers, the students who stayed in school would revise in class on their own.

When Yun Jian arrived at Yun Yi’s classroom, she saw her brother diligently completing a workbook inside without surprise. As expected, there were many more students in the room who were studying on their own accord.

"Hey guys, look! There’s a little girl at our door! How pretty. Are you looking for anyone in our class?" There were also boys who huddled together playing cards out of boredom and one of them coincidentally faced the door, calling out at once when he saw Yun Jian.

His holler caused everyone in the classroom to look over at Yun Jian.

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Seeing that it was his sister, Yun Yi stood up in delight and went to her.

"Xiao Jian! Why are you here?" The excitement was obvious in Yun Yi’s tone as he asked Yun Jian.

"Mom asked me to send you a blanket. The weather is turning cold soon. Mom’s worried that you’d be cold," Yun Jian answered as she dropped the bulky woven bag to one side.

Nodding, Yun Yi took the heavy bag from Yun Jian while asking, "How is mom’s injury?"

"Mom’s discharged now and healing pretty well," Yun Jian replied with a sweet smile.

The answer soothed Yun Yi’s frown.

"Hey yo, little beauty, where are you from? Tsch, tsch, you can’t be Yun Yi’s girlfriend?" Another boy came from the classroom out of the blue and wrapped his arm around Yun Yi’s shoulder out of habit, teasing the siblings good-naturedly.

The boy’s features were distinct, as good looking as Yun Yi was.

"Nonsense! This is my younger sister!" Yun Yi slapped the hand away from his shoulder and explained before turning back to Yun Jian to introduce the boy to her. "He’s Xu Haozhe, a good friend of mine. A jokester as well. Don’t take him too seriously!"

Yun Jian nodded and smiled softly.

So this person was her brother’s friend in school?

"Heh heh heh." Xu Haozhe chuckled and properly greeted Yun Jian.

"Xiao Jian, let me take you around the city and have lunch together before you go back since you hardly come here," Yun Yi told Yun Jian after chatting briefly.

"Sure." Yun Jian nodded.

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