The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 384 - I’m Your Liege Lord. The Scary Woman

Chapter 384 - I’m Your Liege Lord. The Scary Woman

Yun Jian was speaking in Mandarin. Other than Chu Xiangnan and the team members who were dumbstruck, the boys of Country A including Meiboba were unable to understand her.

This did not include ’Jiliheng’, Grand Thief Mr. Pete, who was lying on the ground, however.

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Caught red handed, Pete gave up his disguise. He was not angered, nor was he jumping on his feet because he was exposed by Yun Jian. Instead, he pushed Yun Jian’s butterfly knife away and stood up.

Nonetheless, Pete was still shocked when he was recognized.

After he impersonated Jiliheng, even Jiliheng’s mother did not notice anything wrong. How did this young teenage girl in front of him see through his disguise?

"Who are you?"

Since he was not covering up anymore, Pete yanked the human skin mask off from his face as he asked looking at Yun Jian.

Under the mask was a face that was completely different from Jiliheng’s.

He looked like he was in his twenties and was very fair. He looked handsome with a tall straight nose, appearing a little like he was of mixed blood.

"Your liege lord!" Yun Jian ceased threatening him with her butterfly knife too and answered Pete with a grin.

"Holy sh*t, no way you are..." Pete could not help it when he heard the familiar answer, shouting with a finger at Yun Jian.

There was no one who could stand in front of him calling herself his liege lord except for the terrifying woman!

"You... Why do you look totally different?" Pete stared at Yun Jian dumbly before he gestured at her and asked in a startle.

"Guess." Yun Jian crossed her arms in front of her and smirked without looking back at Pete.

She did not recognize him initially, but Pete’s impersonation of Jiliheng had too many loopholes.

First, Yun Jian could see it from Pete’s face. There was a folded line around his ears. As for Pete’s identity, it was not an easy feat to steal an antique that Zhe Province had emphasized protection on. It was something only an international thief could do.

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Yun Jian knew someone like this in her past, who was world-class in his skill of stealing, that was Pete.

Pete also had a distinguishing feature. He was immensely playful. Like just now, he was unstoppable once he got into the fish-spearing match.

It was a coincidence that Pete was completely off guard and Yun Jian was able to make a move.

While Pete and Yun Jian happily recognizing each other and began chatting, the boys beside them broke into wails as they ran back home asking for their mothers out of fright when they saw Pete who tore his skin mask and changed his appearance.

Liu Shiyun, Chu Xiangnan, and the others were frozen on the spot.

All of them had heard Yun Jian calling Pete the Grand Thief. This meant that Pete who was suddenly Pete in front of them was the thief they had been looking for!

Judging by the situation, however, did Yun Jian know him?

All of them were alarmed but no one said anything.

Yun Jian actually did know Pete, this happened in her past life.

Pete was really an infamous thief in the world. It was said that he had never missed anything he set his eyes on stealing. The fact, however, was that he did fail once.

It was because what he wanted to steal was also A target of Yun Jian’s mission.

When both of them met, Yun Jian won with her martial prowess in a flash. Before Yun Jian fled with the item, Pete had shouted at her, "For f*ck’s sake, who are you! How dare you snatch what I want!"

"Your liege lord!" That was what Yun Jian replied.

All in all, Pete was skilled but it was his first time losing to a woman, so his impression of Yun Jian was especially deep. In spite of it, he did not know of her other identities, only knowing that this woman was menacingly skilled!

Back then, he had acquired what he was stealing and even had it in his grasp, only for Yun Jian to snatch it away in the end.

Moreover, he had fought her personally and he could not describe her skill—more like, he had no words to describe it.

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