The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 385 - Mission Accomplished. Pack Up To Return

Chapter 385 - Mission Accomplished. Pack Up To Return

"Goodness, my dear liege lord, I was just wondering why have my eyes been twitching since this morning! Why are you here for me this time? Oh my god! You aren’t thinking of taking away the gem I’ve painstakingly stolen, are you?"

Back to the current reality, Pete put a hand over his heart dramatically as he cried out at Yun Jian, looking at her like he was looking at the devil.

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Liu Shiyun and others were even more amazed at that. From how both of them talked and acted around each other, they seemed close?

Yet, Yun Jian smiled and stretched her arm forward. "You’re right. Be nice and hand it over."

Pete’s hands shrunk back a little as he looked like he was going to die with a hand grabbing his pocket. "You really want it? No room for discussion?"

"None," Yun Jian said with finality as she blinked her deep eyes.

"Alright then..." Pete could only dig around his pocket and reluctantly retrieved an emerald jade pendant before unwillingly passing it to Yun Jian.

The emerald jade pendant was exactly the piece that the Zhe Province museum lost.

Before they came, Ge Junjian had already shown them the photo of the lost antique.

It was this one. It would seem like it was just an average jade pendant, but it was something left by a famous scholar from the Tang Dynasty, acc.u.mulating some years to itself by now.

There was no doubt that it held a high value.

"That’s it? We accomplished the mission?" Chu Xiangnan and others were still rooted where they stood as they watched Pete hand the jade pendant over to Yun Jian without resistance. All of them were flabbergasted.

Pete was the world-class Grand Thief, right? Did he just give the antique jade pendant to Yun Jian like that?

Their mission was completed without any hiccup!

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Where was the mentioned danger involved in the mission? Why was the Grand Thief handing over the item once Yun Jian appeared? What even divinity was Yun Jian!

If Pete were to hear the squad members commenting about how he obediently passed the antique jade pendant to Yun Jian, though, he was going to shout at them with his hands on his h.i.p.s in slight petulance that both his arms were broken by her the last time he met Yun Jian! If he had not avoided her fast enough, he was probably going to be wrung into broken bones by her!

Pete did not ever want to meet a scary woman like this in his life anymore!

Somehow, it was just his luck to run into her again this time...

"Alright, you can go now," Yun Jian said with a grin looking at Pete.

Said man wanted to cry. Quickly packing up his things, he fled—even faster than a speeding car. Pete was not a bad man. He released the real Jiliheng not too long later after he left.

Having a taste of being bullied, the real Jiliheng reflected and stopped bullying weaker ones like Meiboba.

Yun Jian and the rest stayed the night with the warm hospitality of the villagers. The next day, they left in the jeep with Fang Xiaoran driving.

Meiboba sent them off to the village entrance until she could no longer see them. Their encounter was like one of many in one’s transient life, parting this time was parting for life.


Leaving the village and returning the same route they came, they returned to the populated land and bumped into Yu Fengcheng and others who had returned futile after rounding up the Tiandi Canyon fruitlessly.

"Good job, guys! Leaving without a word! Do you know what it’s called? It’s abandoning your partners! Selfish! What can you amount to being like that? Thinking to complete the mission on your own? I think you guys are all dreaming..."

Due to the language barrier, Yu Fengcheng and others could not even rent a car and had been walking since the last morning, thoroughly exhausted.

Now that they saw the youngsters, Yu Fengcheng was the first to come over and reproached them like the a.d.u.l.t he was. In actuality, he was resenting the fact that Yun Jian could speak Country A’s language and did not team up with them.

Before Yu Fengcheng finished his reprimand, he was cut off by Yun Jian. "Team Monarch’s completed the mission. Pack up to return to the country."

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