The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 386 - They Don’t Believe Me. Still In Country A

Chapter 386 - They Don’t Believe Me. Still In Country A

"Pack up? Return to the country? Hold on! Mission... accomplished?" Yu Fengcheng was going to censure Yun Jian parting his lips but two lines into it, he caught on Yun Jian’s word suddenly and stopped yapping. Shock engulfed him in the next second.

To Yu Fengcheng, no matter how skilled Yun Jian was, she was not going to lead Team Monarch into completing the mission so smoothly. It was not just him. Everyone from Champ Squad and Flying Dragons thought the same.

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The level of difficulty in this mission was highly emphasized by their superior!

Ge Junjian’s regard for this task could be seen from how he had deployed three of the best squads in the military to complete the mission together.

There was no doubt that the art thief could not be found, not even a hint of his whereabouts, even when the Champ Squad and Flying Dragons were working hand in hand.

How long had it been and Yun Jian here was saying that Team Monarch had completed the mission?

"Little girl, what joke are you cracking here?" A man who looked rugged from Champ Squad barked at Yun Jian. His tone was brimming with disbelief.

"Hah, I think... these newbies from Team Monarch didn’t learn anything but boast! If this mission is so easy, why would Officer Ge send three squads here for? To play a fool?"

Due to his earlier dispute with Chu Xiangnan, Shao Weiming was unhappy with the whole Team Monarch.

Listening to what his team members said, Yu Fengcheng agreed instantly.

"Young ones, it’s good that you’re all eager to succeed but you must speak the truth in things."

"This mission isn’t an easy one. I see that you guys have gone into the Tiandi Canyon too, didn’t find anything huh? I told you, we need to work together and make the best out of our teamwork..."

Yu Fengcheng went on nagging incessantly.

What they meant was obvious. They did not believe anything Yun Jian said about Team Monarch finding the antique.

"Hey, you guys..." Chu Xiangnan was peeved by what they said and was going to retort when Yun Jian stopped him.

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"Since you guys plan to go into the Tiandi Canyon, go ahead. We won’t be joining." That was what Yun Jian said before she led her team away.

Yu Fengcheng and the other men’s attitude put off Yun Jian severely. She did not even want to talk more as she asked Liu Shiyun and the rest of her squad members to leave with her directly.

Watching them leave, Yu Fengcheng stomped in anger and bellowed at the teenagers, "Young and arrogant! You don’t know what’s good for you! Humph, in that case, we’ll go our own way..."

Yu Fengcheng cursed at them lowly before leading the men into Tiandi Canyon.

When Yun Jian and the team returned to their home country, they took the bus. After a long tiring and bumpy ride, they finally got back to Longmen City.

After passing the jade pendant to Ge Junjian, the mission was declared to be completed successfully.

Ge Junjian was in shock, not anticipating Yun Jian and the team to be back so soon. After receiving the antique pendant, he stared at Yun Jian dumbly and asked, "Mission accomplished? What about the other two teams then?"

"They didn’t believe me, so they’re still in Country A right now," Yun Jian replied with crescent eyes.

It was a moment later that Ge Junjian pressed his lips together but did not say anything to that ultimately.

He realized something with stark clarity now.

Whether it was the time taken by Team Monarch to complete the mission last time or this time, both were indicating to Ge Junjian that this squad had a promising future!

Yun Jian’s future accomplishment would not be limited to a mere Special Forces troop!

As for Yu Fengcheng and his comrades, they spent half a month in Tiandi Canyon and turned Country A upside down but they found no clue regarding Grand Thief Pete.

It was until later when Ge Junjian sent someone to bring them back that he told the men that Yun Jian had brought back the antique jade pendant half a month ago.

Yu Fengcheng and others nearly spat blood from the indignation but these were all later happenings...

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