The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 388 - The Mayor’s Invitation And The Worst Cow

Chapter 388 - The Mayor’s Invitation And The Worst Cow

When Yun Jian heard the familiar voice that she had not heard for some time, she snapped her head around and saw Mayor Gu’s beaming mature face.

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Yun Jian nodded in return.

Mayor Gu was quite surprised to see her here as well. He had only managed to glance at Yun Jian twice when an equally surprised voice cut in. "Uncle Gu?"

It was Chu Xiangnan who was also looking at Mayor Gu in astonishment now. He had already stepped on the staircase and was turning his head to gaze at the man in shock.

Mayor Gu then shifted his gaze from Yun Jian to Chu Xiangnan and others behind her before asking the former, "You know each other?"

"Yes! Uncle Gu, you’re..." Chu Xiangnan nodded in reply that he did know Yun Jian and threw a question back at the man.

"I have a booking here, that’s why I came over," he answered Chu Xiangnan amiably.

The reason Mayor Gu knew Chu Xiangnan was because the latter’s father and he were sworn brothers.

"Xiangnan, I didn’t expect you to know this young girlie here too. Haha, I’m not boasting, you know, but it’s your luck to be able to mix with this young lady!" Mayor Gu lavished Yun Jian with praises once he opened his mouth.

Hearing how highly Mayor Gu regarded a young girl, those who were pandering Mayor Gu just now looked over.

"You’ve flattered me," Yun Jian replied with crescent eyes, not shying away despite the crowd.

"Girlie, you guys are here for dinner too, right? We have a free table here. If you don’t mind, come and join us?" Mayor Gu invited looking at the squad.

"Sure! Let’s go, let’s go, we’ll take a table!" Before Yun Jian and other members said anything, Chu Xiangnan was already nudging all of them there.

They then sat near a table of dishes at the side of the first floor, sitting around one after another.

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This banquet was actually hosted by a businessman to treat Mayor Gu. Since the former had a favor to ask from him, Mayor Gu took the liberty to invite Yun Jian and friends along immediately.

There were about twenty over tables on the first floor. The businessman had hosted a dinner today because his daughter had given birth to a son and the baby turned one.

With the cause, the businessman invited his relatives and leveraged on the chance to garner some connections by inviting Mayor Gu.

Since everyone there was the businessman’s relatives, some of them were upset now that the seven of Yun Jian took a table to themselves out of the blue.

After Mayor Gu dragged the teenagers into the dinner, he went away occupied while drinking with various people.

The seven of Yun Jian sat around a table and the table beside them was also taken by teenagers about their age. It was probably the a.d.u.l.t’s arrangement to let the kids sit together.

Since the squad had sat down, the teenagers at the table beside theirs had been checking them out and whispering to each other on and off.

In the end, a boy who looked around seventeen or eighteen years old stood up from that table to walk toward Yun Jian.

"Hey, how old are you?" Coming to Yun Jian, the young man spoke to her in an arrogant tone.

Narrowing her eyes, Yun Jian ignored him. He looked like he was here to find fault, that much was obvious. More importantly, she had spotted a familiar someone in that table of teenagers.

A very familiar someone, that was. She had met her right after she was rebirthed, causing Yun Jian to remember her until now.

It was Lin Mengyu, the culprit who killed the owner of her body.

When Yun Jian came here just now, she had already felt a burning gaze boring into her, but she feigned indifference. She had seen it, however, the owner of the burning gaze who was studying her and avoiding her, hiding from being discovered.

If Yun Jian had guessed it right, this boy who was here to pick a fight was sent over by Lin Mengyu.

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