The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 389 - Go Out For A Walk. Game On

Chapter 389 - Go Out For A Walk. Game On

Hiding behind the teenagers, it was unmistakably Lin Mengyu who caused the original owner of Yun Jian’s current body to die.

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The hosting businessman was actually Lin Mengyu’s relative.

Since being seriously injured by Yun Jian the last time, Lin Mengyu had commanded her father to expel Yun Jian, yet she was slapped by her father instead, from Yun Jian’s few words that did not make sense. She later grabbed a pen to stab Yun Jian in hysterics only to be sent flying from a kick and caused her injury to relapse.

Lin Mengyu’s boyfriend, Yuan Yingjun, had broken up with her for Yun Jian too.

Since then, Lin Mengyu was thoroughly afraid of Yun Jian.

After being hospitalized again due to her relapsed injury, Lin Mengyu planned revenge when she went back, but Yun Jian had already transferred schools to Longmen City.

Her relative was celebrating an auspicious occasion today and was hosting dinner at an excellent hotel in Longmen City. That was why Lin Mengyu insisted to come... only for her to see Yun Jian and her friends coming in not long after she sat down.

Panicking, she quickly hid. She had assumed that Yun Jian and her friends would head upstairs swiftly yet they were called by Mayor Gu and were even seated down beside her table.

Lin Mengyu then suddenly remembered that the peers she sat sitting around her now were capable people!

She had wanted to get her relative to take revenge for her, not expecting Yun Jian to send herself straight to her. This was Yun Jian asking for it.

Therefore, Lin Mengyu quietly called for the boy to ask him to strike up a conversation with Yun Jian, best if he could lure Yun Jian out so she could find people to beat the latter up!

While Lin Mengyu hid behind her peers and felt lucky for not being discovered, she had no idea that Yun Jian had long noticed her.

The boy who wanted to talk to Yun Jian was Zhou Yuhao.

He realized that she was incredibly pretty when he came close to her and could not help gasping.

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He had come over to Yun Jian just now purely because Lin Mengyu had asked him to but when he saw Yun Jian’s appearance so clearly now, he had other thoughts.

Seeing that Yun Jian was ignoring him, Zhou Yuhao pressed his lips together and went a little closer to her only to be blocked by Chu Xiangnan from his seat.

Zhou Yuhao was not ruffled. He looked at Yun Jian with a chuckle and continued to flirt, "Pretty, I don’t mean harm. I just want to ask you out for a walk after dinner."

Anyone with eyes could see that Zhou Yuhao did not have good intentions in asking Yun Jian out.

"She’s not going! We’re going to karaoke later!" Chu Xiangnan held Zhou Yuhao back, stopping him from approaching Yun Jian, and even helped her to wave a hand of rejection at the boy.

"F*ck, who are you to her? Why do you have so much to say?" Stopped by Chu Xiangnang, Zhou Yuhao thought that he was being embarrassed. Especially when it was in front of so many other people, he felt humiliated.

"That’s what I’m doing, got a problem?" Chu Xiangnan used to be a rebellious youth too, although he was a lot more tamed after training in the military for so long. He had acted out of kindness to help Yun Jian when they came face to face with someone like Zhou Yuhao.

"Hmph, such a busybody when you’re her nobody! Do you know who I am? I’m already a Taekwondo black belt. Are you fighting me?" Zhou Yuhao shouted with a finger at Chu Xiangnan.

His loud voice attracted the attention of others too but he was preening. He even felt Yun Jian’s attention and tipped his chin in further self-satisfaction, like he was amazing because he could fight Taekwondo.

"Heh..." Chu Xiangnan stood up with a slap on the table as well.

He was planning to fight it out with Zhou Yuhao when he was pulled by Yun Jian behind him.

"Yun Jian, you?" Chu Xiangnan, as well as Chu Ning and others, looked at Yun Jian in surprise, not understanding what she meant.

Yun Jian stopped Chu Xiangnan and told Zhou Yuhao, "Sure, let’s go out for a walk after dinner."

Zhou Yuhao grinned at that before glaring at Chu Xiangnan challengingly. He thought that Yun Jian was captured by his charisma.

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