The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 39 - Encountering Their Aunt Again. Dine And Dash

Chapter 39 - Encountering Their Aunt Again. Dine And Dash

"I want to go too!" Xu Haozhe quickly announced when he heard them, as if scared to be left behind.

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And so, the three of them exited the school gate and took the No.1 bus to the largest city center of Longmen City.

Hopping off the bus, Yun Yi did not know that Yun Jian had come here last week. He looked at his younger sister and said gently, "Xiao Jian, I didn’t manage to take you here the last time due to mom’s accident. We’ll buy whatever you want today!"

Yun Yi’s allowance came from saving up his meal money. He was unwilling to spend it himself but he was generous when it came to his sister.

If he did buy all sorts of toys that young girls like her were fond of, Yun Yi might just eat buns and plain water instead of proper meals.

Warmth filled Yun Jian’s heart as she shook her head at Yun Yi. "We’ll just look around. I don’t need to buy anything."

She had money but it was inappropriate to take it out carelessly.

In spite of it, it was beyond doubt that she would better the condition of her family legitimately. It would not take long.

She was determined to let Yun Yi and Qin Yirou live comfortably!

"Ay, what are the both of you fussing over? Buy what you want, I’ll take care of the bill today!" Xu Haozhe announced generously, as he knew how Yun Yi’s family was doing, draping his arm over Yun Yi’s shoulder to march forward.

Xu Haozhe’s family was relatively well off and he was usually easygoing, never once looking down on the poor.

Shopping the city center once, Xu Haozhe pulled Yun Yi and Yun Jian toward the direction of a lavish hotel.

"I said that I’ll take care of the bill today. If not, that means that both of you are looking down on me!" Xu Haozhe said as he dragged them to the hotel.

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Xu Haozhe was truly a friend worthy of a genuine bond.

He often took turns with Yun Yi buying each other meals; when it was Yun Yi’s turn to buy them meals, they would eat at small shops and stalls, but when it was Xu Haozhe’s turn, he insisted on taking him to hotels.

A friend like this was honestly hard to come by.

The posh restaurant had a poetic name, Crystal Rhythm Hotel.

The Crystal Rhythm Hotel was a four-star hotel, one of the very few four-star hotels in Longmen City. A meal here could cost half a month’s salary of an average worker.

It was unquestionable that Xu Haozhe’s family was quite wealthy, even though Yun Yi did not know in particular what they did.

Entering the hotel, Xu Haozhe asked for a small room right away. The waiter led them to the first floor.

Smaller rooms were on the corner of the first floor’s east wing. As the trio followed the waiter through other rooms, they walked past a bigger room by chance.

Zhang Tiejun and his wife, Qin Junlan, were seated in the big room holding glasses of wine and chattering animatedly with their client.

Suddenly, Qin Junlan caught sight of the three teenagers through the door that remained open when their server came in to serve dishes just now.

"Yun Jian! Yun Yi! Why are the two of you here!" Qin Junlan sprang up from her seat swiftly when she saw them, walking out click-clacking on her heels.

Yun Jian had just walked past the door when she heard the sharp and familiar voice of Qin Junlan. She squinted and halted her eyes, turning around to face the woman only to see her stomping over.

"How could you guys be here? There’s no free lunch here. Can you afford it? Are you planning to dine and dash!" Qin Junlan made assumptions, loudly claiming them right before everyone else.

Her strident voice was as if to make sure others could hear her, not at all behavior expected of an aunt.

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