The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 390 - Looking For Me? The Horror

Chapter 390 - Looking For Me? The Horror

"Uh... no way? Yun Jian, are you really going out with him later? What about karaoke?" Chu Xiangnan was stunned when Yun Jian actually agreed to the obviously dodgy invitation from Zhou Yuhao before he hissed and asked Yun Jian.

"Of course. It’s not like I know how to sing. I’ll pass on karaoke." Yun Jian smiled with her eyes. The slight lifting angle of her lips caused Zhou Yuhao to be amazed by her beauty once more when he saw it.

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Yun Jian had looked quiet and darling. There was a natural beauty to her that when she squinted her eyes slightly, it felt indescribably striking.

Chu Xiangnan wanted to say something more but he suddenly paused, recalling the scene when Yun Jian went against Pete—she wore a small smile with squinting eyes back then too, just like she was now.

Was Yun Jian...

Chu Xiangnan was struck with the possibility and kept quiet.

The others pretended like they knew nothing since Chu Xiangnan did not make another sound.

Lin Mengyu had been hiding behind her friends where it was just shy of Yun Jian’s field of vision. When she heard Yun Jian agreeing to Zhou Yuhao’s invitation, the smirk on her face grew.

After dinner, Mayor Gu came over to bid goodbye to Yun Jian, laughing as he invited Yun Jian to visit his place the next time and even patting Chu Xiangnan’s shoulder to make him promise to take Yun Jian there.

Once Mayor Gu left, Zhou Yuhao came over instantly to talk to Yun Jian, "Hey pretty, you promised to walk around with me just now. Shall we?"

As he spoke, he glared at Chu Xiangnan as if boasting his charisma.

’Pft,’ Chu Xiangnan snorted at Zhou Yuhao in his mind but he also thought to scowl at him, he could just wait to cry now.

"Let’s go." Yun Jian deposited both her hands into her long down jacket’s pockets and pressed her lips into a small smile.

"Heh heh, let’s go then." Zhou Yuhao gave Chu Xiangnan one last dirty look before walking forward following Yun Jian.

As they watched Yun Jian and Zhou Yuhao moved farther from them, Chu Xiangnan, Chu Ning, and others could see Zhou Yuhao trying to put his claws on Yun Jian’s hand only for Yun Jian to avoid him, not even the hem of her clothes was touched.

"My god, what’s up with Yun Jian?" Chu Xiangnan could not help grumbling as he watched said girl walk farther away.

"Shh." Chu Ning suddenly put a finger on her lips, shushing the boy.

"What?" Chu Xiangnan was thrown off, lost.

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At that moment, another group of people left the hotel. These were the teenagers who had sat at the table beside theirs just now. After they came out, they carefully went after the direction Yun Jian and Zhou Yuhao had gone to.

It was only when these teenagers disappeared that Chu Xiangnan patted his head and gritted, "Sh*t, they planned it! So many against one huh—let’s go! We’ll help Yun Jian get rid of them!"

Chu Xiangnan had an endless bout of energy and was especially righteous. When he saw so many people going toward where Yun Jian had left with Zhou Yuhao, he knew that things were not right and quickly ran over with the team.


Back to Yun Jian.

As she walked side by side to Zhou Yuhao, she kept a two-meter distance with him the whole way.

"Let’s walk around the street on the opposite through this alley?" Zhou Yuhao led Yun Jian to the designated deserted area.

"As you wish." Yun Jian’s eyes were cast down as she blinked, her long eyelashes fluttering.

"Come on." When Zhou Yuhao saw Yun Jian walking into the empty alley first, he smirked before hurrying after her.

When Lin Mengyu and pals came to the alley, Yun Jian and Zhou Yuhao were nowhere to be seen.

"Keep up, don’t let her get away!" Lin Mengyu said in a low tone and led the group inside.

They were almost reaching the street on the other end but they had yet to see the pair.

"What’s up with Zhou Yuhao? Where’s she? Where did he take her to?" shouted Lin Mengyu in frustration.

She thought that it was more than enough to take care of Yun Jian when Zhou Yuhao was a Taekwondo black belt.

"Are you guys looking for me?" An airy voice of a girl came from behind them.

As the group turned around in terror, they saw Yun Jian clapping her hands like she was slapping dust away, the girl had already stood behind them without a sound.

There was also Zhou Yuhao behind Yun Jian who was now being tied up by a rope with a rag gagging him.

The group felt chills running down their back, horrified by the sight.

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