The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 391 - Escape? A Nice Death

Chapter 391 - Escape? A Nice Death

"Zhou... Zhou Yuhao..." Lin Mengyu’s hand shook when she pointed, frightfully, at said boy who was tied up and shrieked.

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Zhou Yuhao was tied up by Yun Jian! But he was a Taekwondo black belt!

He was really good at Taekwondo and he was also the strongest out of Lin Mengyu’s relatives. Zhou Yuhao had been robust and solid since he was a young boy. His family owned a martial arts training club and he had learned Taekwondo, free boxing, Judo, and more from his father at a young age. He was basically peerless all this while!

In that case, Zhou Yuhao’s skills should be impeccable.

It was especially the case among his peers. Zhou Yuhao had almost never met a worthy opponent as he grew up and was even titled Taekwondo genius of the younger generation.

Lin Mengyu knew that Yun Jian was seasoned as well since she had almost incapacitated her back then with a kick.

That was why she had asked Zhou Yuhao to take care of Yun Jian. It was all because the young man could subdue Yun Jian with his skills. After all, he had the highest rank in Taekwondo, he was a professional black belt!

It never crossed her mind that Zhou Yuhao would be tied up by Yun Jian without a sound in such a short time when they had trailed after them as soon as both of them stepped into the alley.

There was not even a noise of struggle!

It explained why Lin Mengyu and her group of friends were horrified.

Lin Mengyu, especially, as she had experienced Yun Jian’s skills. She had spent a long time on the bed because of the latter after all! She even had a few broken ribs!

"Ah..." Lin Mengyu gasped aloud, overwhelmed by fear and panic when she saw Yun Jian side-eyeing her before the latter squinted, her deep eyes were like sharp blades.

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Run! She must run!

Instinct told Lin Mengyu that she must run and escape from Yun Jian!

She turned on her heels, thinking to abandon her friends who had helped her, and fled first.

"Escaping? Do you think you can escape?" Yun Jian suddenly cackled. Her evil smirk a small raised angle but it instilled more fear in those who saw it.

Lin Mengyu ran for some distance but Yun Jian stayed on her spot with her arms crossed in front of her c.h.e.s.t, not making a move to chase after her.

Five steps away, Lin Mengyu was outflanked on both ends of the alley by Chu Xiangnan and others who had caught up in a team of three each.

Jiang Weiwei blocked Lin Mengyu’s way with a dagger on her hand that was pointed at the latter, forcing her to retreat.

"Heh." Watching Lin Mengyu and clique’s blanching faces with crossed arms, Yun Jian lifted her legs to move toward Lin Mengyu.

She was not at all surprised by the arrival of Jiang Weiwei and others because she had already discreetly passed a message to Chu Ning who was seated beside her during the dinner in the hotel.

She had asked her to lead the rest of the team to block Lin Mengyu and her friends from both ends of the alley after they went for her and Zhou Yuhao.

"You... What do you want to do... Sob..." Lin Mengyu stumbled back from Yun Jian’s fierceness only to realize that her back was facing the pointy blade in Jiang Weiwei’s hand. She screamed and bawled without care for her image.

Yun Jian was unfazed, merely tilting her head to look at Lin Mengyu and her friends with a small lift of her pretty lips.

"I didn’t want to do anything but since you made a move on me first tonight, let’s settle the old and new once and for all, why don’t we? Don’t worry, I’ll let you die a nice death." Yun Jian’s words were calm and monotonous, but it sent Lin Mengyu and her clique’s hearts thumping in trepidation.

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