The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 392 - The Best. A Mental Breakdown

Chapter 392 - The Best. A Mental Breakdown

"You—you want to kill me?!" Lin Mengyu was frozen in dread before she trembled.

Yun Jian was going to kill her? Yun Jian was going to kill her!

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"No! You can’t kill me! This is against the law! It’s against the law!" Lin Mengyu screeched. Her voice was shrill, her yelps sounding like pigs when they were slaughtered.

"You have a loud voice but it’s too bad. This is the alley you lured me into. There’s no one around. No one will hear you even if you scream yourself hoarse," Yun Jian commented with a light chuckle as she flipped her wrist, the butterfly knife that she had been carrying with her was retrieved unknowingly.

While Lin Mengyu and her friends were still shell-shocked, Yun Jian took a haughty step forward and easily flicked the butterfly knife to perch its blade against Lin Mengyu’s neck.

"I wonder how pretty a throat that can make such a loud ringing voice will be when it’s cut open." Yun Jian slid the blade against Lin Mengyu’s neck back and forth, not yet stabbing the blade into her throat.

"Ah..." Lin Mengyu’s howls turned softer. She could feel the chill from the butterfly knife in Yun Jian’s hand and immediately feel that she was threading on the edge of death.

Yun Jian’s eyes that looked soulless yet felt like the churning underworld seemed to be remember something.

At that moment, she felt like a fearless grim reaper.

It was like she was unafraid of anything and had only existed to kill her! Lin Mengyu was toeing the line of despair. It was her first time meeting Yun Jian like this.

Yun Jian truly felt like the soul-collecting grim reaper from hell.

"I’m wrong, it’s my fault, Yun Jian, let me go! Let me go! Please...please..." Lin Mengyu grabbed Yun Jian’s wrist that held the butterfly knife. She was so petrified that she was slowly sliding down to kneel at Yun Jian.

"Let you go?" Yun Jian arched a brow, her deep tone sounding even more eerie.

"Yes, yes, let me go, please, I beg you. I’m apologizing to you, I promise! I shouldn’t have done that to you in the past. Yun Jian, on the part that I didn’t really do anything to you in the past, don’t kill me! Don’t!" Lin Mengyu had a premonition that if she remained stubborn, the butterfly knife in Yun Jian’s grasp would really run down her neck.

"You didn’t really do anything to me back then?" Yun Jian was amused by the claim.

The original owner of her current body used to beg Lin Mengyu like that too, pleading her not to hit her and bully her. She had even sworn to Lin Mengyu that she would not have anything to do with her boyfriend, Yuan Yingjun.

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What was Lin Mengyu’s response?

She kicked the girl into unconsciousness and beat her up.

Accidentally, she even kicked a blow where it counted and the original owner let herself go in despair, losing the will to live.

"No, no! Besides, I’ve apologized! Yun Jian, I know I’ve done wrong!" Lin Mengyu nearly shouted herself hoarse.

She was immensely regretful now and utterly terrified.

The butterfly knife was still attached to her throat without moving an inch.

"Listen, the past Yun Jian is dead. This Yun Jian who’s standing in front of you right now can kill you at any time!" Yun Jian said with a smirk as she took in how pathetic Lin Mengyu looked.

While Yun Jian was on to Lin Mengyu, Chu Xiangnan and others had defeated Lin Mengyu’s little helpers as well.

Their agile and quick movements were unachievable unless having gone through formal training.

Once Chu Xiangnan recalled Zhou Yuhao who had taunted him earlier, he went over to rip out the rag gagging the latter with a smirk.

"Brat, anything to say before you die?" Chu Xiangnan asked Zhou Yuhao with a grin.

"Who—who are you all!" Zhou Yuhao cried.

Why were all of them so lithe and deft? Like they were from the military!

Why? They were just around his age!

"Heh, I’ll let you know. All of us are Special Forces!" Chu Xiangnan announced proudly with a harsh slap down Zhou Yuhao’s head.

Then, he pointed at Yun Jian and told Zhou Yuhao, "And unfortunately, you offended the best among us. Haha, she can kill a hundred of you with just one hand!"

Chu Xiangnan’s statement wrung the nerves of Lin Mengyu, Zhou Yuhao, and their group tight before they broke down mentally.

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