The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 393 - Someone Behind Them. Wizard Lord Wu

Chapter 393 - Someone Behind Them. Wizard Lord Wu

They were Special Forces?!

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More importantly, Yun Jian was the best in ability among all of them?

Zhou Yuhao stared at the squad in debilitating fear and a horrified trance.

Special Forces? Who? Those were people the country treasured! No one could lay a finger on them!

Yun Jian and her friends were so young. No matter how Zhou Yuhao thought about it, it never occurred to him that they would actually be Special Forces!

"No, you’re bluffing! Yun Jian, you... how could you be a Special Forces? You were still a student in Xinjiang Town? How could you be Special Forces?" Lin Mengyu cried again as she looked at Yun Jian in surprise, momentarily forgetting her fright from the butterfly knife.

Back when Yuan Yingjun dated Lin Mengyu, Yuan Yingjun developed feelings for the original owner of Yun Jian’s current body and pestered her, causing Lin Mengyu to think that it was the latter who seduced her boyfriend, thus beating her up.

Before this happened, however, Lin Mengyu made sure to investigate the original Yun Jian’s background. Her background was simple. She would have no support even if she was beaten to death. Her mother was only a worker in the textile factory while her father was a true gambling addict.

It was after finding out about these facts that Lin Mengyu called two other girls and took Yun Jian to the washroom.

Being told now that Yun Jian was a member of the Special Forces and the best among them, how could Lin Mengyu believe it?

No matter how much a person changed, such lengths of transformation were impossible.

"Why is it impossible? B*tch, shut the f*ck up! Yun Jian, just give her a stab, see if she believes it then!" Chu Xiangnan gave Zhou Yuhao a harsh slap before turning to growl at Lin Mengyu, looking and acting like a complete thug.

"No! I believe it, I believe it!" Lin Mengyu shouted frantically as she shuddered.

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"Whether you believe it or not has nothing to do with me. I just want you dead." Yun Jian smiled, twirling the butterfly knife in her hand twice before moving to slam in down Lin Mengyu’s head.

"No! Ah..." Lin Mengyu who saw Yun Jian’s butterfly knife coming toward her head squeezed her eyes close as she screeched. All the cells in her body were screaming with terror.

It was not just Lin Mengyu. Zhou Yuhao and the others had closed their eyes and Lin Mengyu’s other relatives had even dropped to the ground in panic. Pleading cries and shouts thundering the small alleyway.


Just while the rest watched Yun Jian’s butterfly knife plunge into Lin Mengyu’s head in dread, Yun Jian suddenly narrowed her eyes, her sharp gaze squinting and even her eyes glinted a different shade.

At the same time, she snapped the butterfly knife back. The instant Lin Mengyu thought that the knife was landing on her, Yun Jian flicked the knife with a twist, tossing the blade toward a visible pile of trash on the corner of the alley.


When the butterfly knife was about to pierce through the trash and flew into the back of it, a pair of hands suddenly appeared.

The teenagers were bewildered when they saw a young girl about sixteen or seventeen of age dressed in a black robe standing up from the trash.

With the butterfly knife aimed at her, the girl avoided it by side-stepping and doing a somersault.

Other than Yun Jian, no one among the groups expected someone to actually hide in the vicinity and all of them were astounded.

When the black-robed girl stood back up, her expression when she looked at Yun Jian was of delighted surprise as she stepped forward and bowed at Yun Jian, exclaiming ecstatically, "Lan Su meets Wizard Lord Wu!"

Her greeting astonished everyone, even Yun Jian frowned but she said nothing.

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