The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 394 - In This World. Lord Divinity

Chapter 394 - In This World. Lord Divinity

The shout from the black-robed girl who called herself Lan Su made Yun Jian and others crease their brows.

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A close escape from death, colors drained from Lin Mengyu’s face and her eyes rolled back before she fainted. As for Zhou Yuhao and his friends, they were looking at Lan Su in the same dread and fear. Chu Xiangnan and the team directed their gaze toward the strange girl as well.

What did she call Yun Jian just now? Wizard Lord Wu? What was that?

Lan Su who had suddenly appeared here with a plain black traditional robe that accentuated her height had a classically pretty face with thin eyebrows, long lashes, big eyes and fair skin.

What surprised most of the teenagers, however, was not her looks but her plain black clothes that seemed like ancient clothing but were different from period costumes.

The fabric of her robe was superior and the plain black traditional outfit exposed her ankles.

While Chu Xiangnan stared at Lan Su in a stupor, Yun Jian narrowed her eyes. It felt as if a scene was thrust into her mind the moment she saw Lan Su. Wanting to dive deeper, she then realized that she had never seen Lan Su. Somehow, it felt like she had known this girl who called herself Lan Su.

"Wizard Lord Wu, do you not remember Lan Su anymore?" Lan Su’s delight was gradually replaced by glum when she saw Yun Jian being quiet and took two steps closer to her.

From the moment she had appeared until now, she did not even spare a glimpse at Chu Xiangnan and others or even Lin Mengyu who had collapsed on the ground. Her bright sparkling eyes were kept on Yun Jian, as if she was anticipating her answer.

"You..." Yun Jian’s hand went to her head. There was a pause as she looked at Lan Su in front of her before she refocused her gaze on the girl and shook her head. "Should I know you?"

Yun Jian’s eyes were squinted as she pressed her lips together, deep and thoughtful eyes trained on Lan Su.

For an instant, her alertness was blaring.

Yun Jian was not overthinking the situation.

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Lan Su had been hiding behind the pile of trash just now and she had noticed her in time to throw her butterfly knife over. Lan Su had called her Wizard Lord Wu once she avoided the attack.

It was not like Yun Jian had never encountered similar situations in her past life. Some assassins employed such methods to attract attention in order to disguise their identities with the sole aim of assassinating their targets.

It was Yun Jian’s first time meeting this girl who called herself Lan Su but even when she felt a sense of familiarity, Yun Jian was not letting her guard off.

"Hey, Yun Jian, since when did you get to know a pretty girl like this? Why didn’t you introduce her to me earlier? Heh heh!"

The moment Chu Xiangnan saw Lan Su, he was stunned by her plain black robe, her shapely figure, and her bright pretty face, so he walked over to speak with a chuckle as he clapped Yun Jian’s shoulder.

Chu Xiangnan was a typical rich men’s son—although he was far more restrained now. It was not like he could change himself so easily. Lan Su’s beauty and Yun Jian’s delicate purity was different.

Lan Su was tall and expressive in her vibe while Yun Jian felt chaste and exquisite, capturing one’s attention.

"Chu Xiangnan, are you dumb? Yun Jian’er said she doesn’t know her!" Chu Ning slapped Chu Xiangnan’s shoulder, pursing her lips and scowling when she saw Chu Xiangnan paying attention to other girls.

Lan Su did not even look at Chu Xiangnan, keeping her gaze steady on Yun Jian. In the end, she retrieved something from her embrace after a moment of silence and told Yun Jian, "Wizard Lord Wu, you don’t remember me but you won’t not recognize it! In this world, only you and Lord Divinity could send it back!"

Yun Jian’s eyes widened when she saw the item sitting in Lan Su’s hand.

The sandalwood box!

Was it not placed in Yulong Mainland already?

In that case, this girl was from Yulong Mainland!

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