The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 395 - Lan Su’s Secret. You Can Speak Now

Chapter 395 - Lan Su’s Secret. You Can Speak Now

If Lan Su did not have the sandalwood box in her hands, Yun Jian would keep her guard up. After all, this girl in front of her came out of the blue. There was no way Yun Jian could make sure that she was not an assassin sent to kill her.

Assassins and secret agents nowadays were impressive with their disguises and Yun Jian was never lacking in alertness and guard facing someone she did not know.

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Yet, Lan Su produced the sandalwood box.

The sandalwood box!

Of course Yun Jian remembered that the sandalwood box had been placed by Si Yi in a place that did not belong to the real world at the other end of the cave which no one was able to pass through in the catacomb.

That place was called Yulong Mainland, somewhere completely different from the dimension they were now living in.

Back then, the cave was the only entrance and the fatality of the mechanism in the cave was something Yun Jian had experienced. Average people would usually not be able to get in.

There were a lot of people waiting for the stone doors to open but probably no one had been able to wait up to a year and go in through the doors until now.

It was roughly inferable that this girl who addressed herself as Lan Su was from Yulong Mainland.

Si Yi had hidden the box securely back then, too. If one was not from Yulong Mainland, it was impossible that the sandalwood box would be discovered.

Yun Jian pressed her lips together, having to properly face this girl now.

"I’m dumb? But I’m not! Go away, shoo, don’t stop me from getting to know a pretty girl," Chu Xiangnan said with a light rap on Chu Ning’s head, not at all noticing the source of her rage.

While Yun Jian was still dazed, Chu Xiangnan skipped to Lan Su and grinned saying, "Pretty young lady, what do you mean by Wizard Lord Wu and Lord Divinity?"

Chu Xiangnan was a flirt, especially when he was faced with pretty girls who were his type. There were always ways for him to pick them up.

Liu Shiyun and others palm their forehead, already used to his antics.

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As Chu Xiangnan planned to talk to Lan Su using a topic she was interested in, Lan Su glanced at him and spoke up aloofly, "Scallywag, move away!"

Lan Su called Chu Xiangnan a scallywag?

Liu Shiyun and the other team members guffawed when they heard her.

"Hahaha... a scallywag! Chu Xiangnan, you’re a scallywag, did you hear that? She called you a scallywag!" Chu Ning recovered her usual demeanor as she ran to Chu Xiangnan and began teasing.

Despite the team’s laughter, Yun Jian was unfazed. Pressing her lips, she kept her gaze level with Lan Su.

The merry atmosphere of her other teammates became a stark contrast against her and Lan Su.

Chu Xiangnan and others quieted down swiftly while Yun Jian looked at Lan Su before finally saying slowly, "I’d like to have a word with you."

Yun Jian could not speak to Lan Su regarding the sandalwood box in front of her squad members.

"What’s the matter? Do you have to be so mysterious?" Chu Xiangnan shouted.

Right after he finished, Chu Ning dealt a hard blow on his head.

"Go ahead. We’ll wait for you here," Liu Shiyun informed Yun Jian, being the smarter one.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded and added. "You guys can leave first if you want to."

With that, she gestured for Lan Su to move away from the crowd so they could speak personally.

Yun Jian opted for a quiet café nearby and sat face to face with Lan Su, sitting down after ordering their coffee.

"You can speak now. What’s the meaning of this?" Yun Jian asked with a press of her lips."

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