The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 397 - Kill And Bury, Draw A Tortoise

Chapter 397 - Kill And Bury, Draw A Tortoise

"Why?" Lan Su was stunned as she cried out in agitation, her expression confused and disappointed.

"Just because I have my own life." Yun Jian placed the coffee back onto the back, her gaze a hint complicated as she pressed her lips together.

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The elder who had helped her in her past life was there in Yulong Mainland, but Yun Jian was not going there, not any time soon at least.

Her closest family and everyone she cared for were all here. She was not planning to leave.

"Is that so?" Lan Su’s gaze was cast down crestfallen but she picked her head up swiftly in a moment and looked at Yun Jian in resolution. "Wizard Lord Wu, whether you’ll go back with me or not in the future, please allow me to stay by your side! Lan Su doesn’t want to leave you again!"

As the prime guardian of Wizard Lord Wu, Lan Su was reluctant to leave when she had finally found Yun Jian.

"As you wish," Yun Jian replied leisurely before pushing the sandalwood box back to Lan Su. "Keep this first."

Yun Jian knew how many pairs of eyes were coveting the sandalwood box. Her younger brother was abducted and killed because of said item. She did not want to take the risk again.

Moreover, Lan Su was from Yulong Mainland. It was best to pass it back to her.

"Also, if you’re staying by my side from now on, don’t call me Wizard Lord Wu." Yun Jian smacked her lips and wore a small smile, flashing her pearly whites at Lan Su. "I’m Yun Jian."

"Mn, mn!" Lan Su understood that Yun Jian was allowing her company and grinned before nodding fervently at the latter.

"Let’s go. They’ve waited long enough." Ending the conversation, Yun Jian stood up and paid the bill then left the café with Lan Su.

The people she mentioned were none other than Liu Shiyun and her team members.

Yun Jian knew that they would not leave.

As for the reason she allowed Lan Su to stay, she chalked it up to instinct. Lan Su who came from Yulong Mainland felt familiar to Yun Jian, like she had known her, but she was unable to point a finger at it, only feeling the lack of distance.

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Furthermore, Lan Su producing the sandalwood box just now was more than enough proof that she came from Yulong Mainland. There was no way it could be forged.

One’s eyes could speak too and Lan Su’s eyes told Yun Jian that she was not lying.

When Lan Su left the café with Yun Jian, a child’s mischievous voice came from behind them.

"Look, Mama, why’s that girl wearing such strange clothes?"

The child’s mother stroked his head and answered, "She’s probably crazy. Baby, you mustn’t be like her in the future!"


Yun Jian and Lan Su went back to the alleyway after leaving the café.

"Yun Jian, you’re back. What do we do with these people?" Liu Shiyun and his squad members went to her and asked.

Lin Mengyu was unconscious while Zhou Yuhao had been quivering being tied up.

"Kill and bury them." Yun Jian raised a brow.

"Ah, no! We won’t do it again! It’s Lin Mengyu, she asked us to do it! It’s got nothing to do with me!" The teenagers panicked.

They knew that Yun Jian could do what she said, especially when she raised her knife to stab it down Lin Mengyu’s head, although she did not injure her in the end.

"Teach them a lesson." Noting that Yun Jian did not really want to kill them, Liu Shiyun was smart as he instructed his team.

Ultimately, it was Chu Xiangnan who came up with the method. He bought a marker and drew a large visible tortoise on everyone’s back and asked them to wear it home—refusing to do so would be consequent to something else.

Chu Xiangnan’s idea embarrassed the teenagers thoroughly.

By the time they had settled the score with these people, Yun Jian bid goodbye to Liu Shiyun, Chu Xiangnan, and others.

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