The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 399 - Yun Jian’s Teasing. Go Back With Me

Chapter 399 - Yun Jian’s Teasing. Go Back With Me

The point was, Yun Yi had Qing You pinned on the couch in a promiscuous position. The sight only served to insert pictures on one’s head.

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"Ah! What are you doing! Get up!" Qing You had her back facing Yun Jian, so she did not see the latter. She was probably just pushed down by Yun Yi as her whole face flushed from shyness and she pushed him away promptly.

Yun Yi scrambled up at once, too, not expecting himself to fall toward Qing You and even pushing her down under him.

However, the scene looked totally different to Yun Jian.

She squinted her eyes, scrutinizing, and actually thought that her brother, Yun Yi, and Qing You made quite the couple together.

Awkwardly getting up off Qing You, Yun Yi’s eyes flitted across the door and realized that the door was opened through the corner of his eyes. When he looked again properly, he was so shocked his heart nearly leaped out when he had been calm most of his years.

"Xiao... Xiao Jian? Why are you here?" Yun Yi thought back to the embarrassing situation earlier; looking at Yun Jian staring back at two of them with her arms crossed in front of her c.h.e.s.t, she looked like she had been standing there for a while.

Yun Yi was utterly embarrassed. He scratched his short hair, blush pinking his cheeks immediately.

"Ge, I should be asking why are you here instead." Yun Jian suddenly felt like teasing Yun Yi.

Taking in his panicky state, she realized that she had never seen her elder brother acting like that before.

Yun Jian then recalled that her brother had asked her for Qing You’s address one morning after she trained him and Zhang Shaofeng. Piecing together the scene when Yun Yi was drugged by Chen Yubing and lay in a bed with Qing You embracing each other n.a.k.e.d, Yun Jian’s hand went to rub her chin from her crossed arms.

She squinted her eyes at Yun Yi and Qing You with a suggestive smirk.

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"Xiao Jian, it’s—it’s not what you think! Uh... I really didn’t do anything to her..." Yun Yi rubbed his head as he stuttered to explain to Yun Jian.

"Ge, I’m not thinking anything." Yun Jian stopped making fun of Yun Yi, walking into the unit after a chuckle. She went to sit on Qing You’s couch, beside the girl who had her head hung as low as possible and her face buried between her knees in embarrassment.

Suddenly, Yun Jian stretched her hand and poked her head over, unable to help herself from poking fun at Qing You. It was rare for her face to be so expressive as she grinned at Qing You and called out, "Hey, sis-in-law."

Her words wracked a shudder through Qing You.

The top secret agent ranked internationally, Slaying God, the boss of Gu Sha Mercenaries, was calling her sis-in-law?

"Sister Jian, stop teasing me." Qing You’s head was still hanging low but there was a small smile on her lips despite her red cheeks.

"Alright, I’ll stop." Yun Jian smiled and got up. She turned to look at Qing You and told her, "Go back with me three days later."

Their destination was, of course, the headquarters of Gu Sha Mercenaries.

Yun Jian’s words wiped the smile off Qing You as she looked up to nod at her.

"Go back where?" Yun Yi looked lost.

"Traveling. It’s winter break now. I’m taking my future sis-in-law out to travel. But I’m not taking you, ge." Yun Jian beamed at Yun Yi, a charming smile flashed.

After that, she left without waiting for Yun Yi’s reply.

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