The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 40 - Disrespectful, A Snob

Chapter 40 - Disrespectful, A Snob

Yun Jian had always known that Zhang Tiejun, the husband of her mother’s biological sister Qin Junlan and better known as her uncle, was a small businessman.

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That was a fact, as Qin Junlan was here with her husband today to meet their client.

If it were not for the importance of today’s client, they would not have picked this four-star hotel as a meeting location.

It was undeniable that even their family condition could not afford to spend a meal here.

Obviously, Qin Junlan had always assumed that her younger sister was forever impoverished, unable to pay for her children’s school fees, and could not even repay what she had borrowed from her!

How could she not be surprised when she saw both Yun Jian and Yun Yi here at an upscale hotel for lunch?

Would they have extra money to spend at a luxurious place like this? Bullshit!

This was why Qin Junlan hollered at the kids in such a condescending tone.

"Why can’t we be here? Is it because we can’t be at where you are?" Yun Jian scoffed.

She disliked her aunt from the bottom of her heart.

"Oh, look, this kid snaps back at her aunt! Disrespectful. I really don’t know how Yirou teaches you two! Can you two feast here with how your family is doing?" Qin Junlan hurled back.

Qin Junlan spoke with one sole intention, to indirectly tell Yun Jian that they still owed her money.

How would they dare have a treat here when they had yet to return their debt!

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Considering the fact that there were outsiders here and Qin Junlan had her appearance to keep, she gritted her teeth looking at Yun Jian and Yun Yi before she put up a well-mannered facade the next second and said, "I’m not accusing you. Your mother makes hard-earned money. It’s not for you both to splurge like this!"

She was basically hinting that the money they owed was still unreturned!

"I’m Yun Yi’s friend. I’m buying them this meal. Yun Yi has never misspent a cent. You shouldn’t say untrue things like this, Yun Yi’s aunt!" Xu Haozhe stood up for Yun Yi immediately.

One could hear how much Qin Junlan hated both Yun Yi and Yun Jian as long as they were not a fool.

Xu Haozhe had been piqued by Qin Junlan’s tone, thus countering for the siblings.

"You?" It was only then that Qin Junlan shifted her gaze from her niece and nephew to Xu Haozhe.

Xu Haozhe was nicely dressed, not appearing as a poor kid who came from deprived conditions.

In addition, he said that he was treating Yun Jian and Yun Yi the meal.

It was a known fact that a meal here cost significantly.

Xu Haozhe was Yun Yi’s age yet he could wine and dine here as he pleased. That must mean that he was a rich kid?

Qin Junlan who was about to lash out relented at once when she thought about a rich family’s son being Yun Yi’s friend. Her attitude changed swiftly.

"Ay, Xiao Jian, Xiao Yi, I’m only giving you reminders just now. After all, your mother’s salary doesn’t come easy. You two must understand..." Qin Junlan’s approach was a speedy switch from aggressive to gentle.

If Yun Yi was really friends with the son of some affluent family, his future would be promising! Maybe she could even share some benefits as his aunt!

Qin Junlan had completely forgotten how overbearing she was when she confronted the siblings just now.

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