The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 400 - Yun Yi’s Trick. A Mishap

Chapter 400 - Yun Yi’s Trick. A Mishap

Qing You and Yun Yi were left blushing. Their red rosy blush on their otherwise fair face was a sight to behold.

Certain that Yun Jian had left, Qing You found her ability to function again and shoved Yun Yi, her words bordering a w.h.i.n.e.

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"Why did you do that just now? I... And Sister Jian saw it too!" Qing You pushed Yun Yi with a huff and pouted, turning to face him with her back, stopping to watch Calabash Brothers on the TV.

"I—I slipped. I didn’t expect to fall on you," Yun Yi said awkwardly with a hint of bashfulness, stroking his nose.

"Humph, I’m ignoring you. Just leave, shoo, shoo. I won’t be able to see Sister Jian in the eye if she sees it again," Qing You turned to land a moderate-strength slap on Yun Yi as she spoke.

When Yun Yi heard it, however, it felt like a girl being coquettish.

His brows rose and he squinted, his expression extremely blissed, especially when Yun Jian called Qing You sis-in-law just now. His heart was soaring.

There was no reason, but Yun Yi was happy.

"I’ll be leaving then." Yun Yi stood up with a smile, the hint of a scheming smirk spreading on his face.

He got to the door and made an abrupt turn to tell Qing You who was ignoring him out of tantrum, "I’ll get going. Dinner’s in the pot. Remember to eat it and remember to clean up the suite. A girl’s place can’t be so messy. Eat on time. Stop watching so much Calabash Brothers that you forget to eat when I’m not here to clean up the place next time."

After that, Yun Yi made the move to leave. He walked toward the door and counted three seconds, hearing Qing You’s voice from the back.

"Hold on... You’re not coming any more next time?"

Yun Yi’s back was facing Qing You when he smiled. As he turned around, he reeled it back in. Looking at Qing You, he spoke seriously, "Yeah, didn’t you ask me to leave? I’m leaving..."

"Then don’t leave," Qing You looked at Yun Yi with a pout before biting her lips and telling him.

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Since Yun Yi cleaned up her place for her the other day, he had been coming to spend time with her. Qing You accepted his gesture quietly too.

Yun Yi had made her dinner today and watched Calabash Brothers with her. Who would have known that he would slip and push her down the couch, as well Yun Jian who had come unannounced catching the scene...

Yun Yi smirked when he heard what Qing You said.

He had expected it.

Then, he went back to Qing You.


Yun Jian returned home after leaving Qing You’s place.

It had been days since she saw Si Yi and she could not help missing him. He seemed to have gone back to his organization, however, as Ya Dang and Mo Sen were gone too, probably going back there with him.

Arriving home, she met Qin Yirou.

"Xiao Jian, you’re home," Qin Yirou called out to her with a heaviness weighing her features.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded and asked when she saw her visibly distraught look, "Mom, what’s wrong?"

Qin Yirou replied instantly, "Oh, Xiao Jian, do you remember your best friend in Xinjiang Town, Lu Feiyan?"

"I met an old friend from Xinjiang Town in the market just now and she said that your friend, Lu Feiyan, had a mishap in her family. Her father was volunteering in the school and accidentally dropped a long pole from the third floor which killed a student!"

"The student’s parents sent her father to the police station and demanded him to be locked behind bars, forcing Feiyan to quit school too. They even say that if Feiyan dares go to school again, they’ll kill her in place of her father in return for their child’s life."

"Sigh, she’s a good kid. How did things like this happen to her?"

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