The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 401 - A Kraft Envelope. Back To Xinjiang Town

Chapter 401 - A Kraft Envelope. Back To Xinjiang Town

Qin Yirou’s tone was laced with a deep sigh and helplessness.

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She had been chatting with a fellow from town after bumping into the person in the market and the person mentioned it as they talked more animatedly into the chatter.

When Qin Yirou asked whose daughter in Xinjiang Town the poor girl was, she was shocked.

The fellow told her instantly that the innocent girl was Lu Feiyan.

Lu Feiyan!

Qin Yirou was stunned at the name. Lu Feiyan was her daughter’s best friend in Xinjiang Town!

Moreover, Lu Feiyan had always come to spend time with Yun Jian at home and Qin Yirou had met her plenty of times. The girl was polite to her as well, she was a nice child!

Qin Yirou was frantic at the news.

How could a nice girl like her get caught up in this mess?

Considering her daughter’s relationship with Lu Feiyan, Qin Yirou’s frown had been locked in place since she got home.

When Yun Jian asked about it, she told her directly.

It was just that Qin Yirou knew well that she was unable to offer much help in the matter because she was in no authority or influential position. That was why she could only shake her head with a sigh.

Yun Jian’s eyes made a violent twitch at Qin Yirou’s relay.

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Her mind replayed the scene where Lu Feiyan argued with the teacher to ask for Yun Jian’s justice just as she was rebirthed. There was also the silly girl’s action when they encountered a cobra in the park, planning to take the snake’s attack for Yun Jian.

Then, it was when they promised each other to go to the same high school. Although Yun Jian went back to Xinjiang Town and visited Lu Feiyan once, she had only stayed for a short time.

In spite of it, Lu Feiyan left a lingering impression in her mind. She was Yun Jian’s first friend since her rebirth and that meant a lot.

"Xiao Jian! Xiao Jian... Xiao Jian, what’s the matter? Did you hear what I said?" Qin Yirou waved a hand in front of Yun Jian, asking hastily as she thought the sudden news was too much for Yun Jian to take.

"I... I’m fine. Mom, what did you say just now?" Yun Jian snapped out of her daze and asked looking at Qin Yirou.

"Go back to town and look out for Feiyan tomorrow, Xiao Jian. Here’s two thousand yuan, bring it to her. I can’t do much, I can only help her a little..." Qin Yirou produced a kraft envelope out of the blue and thrust the bulging envelope to Yun Jian.

The two thousand yuan was all of Qin Yirou’s savings since she worked. Other than the small amount of living expenses necessary, she had kept all of her savings in this kraft envelope.

This was Qin Yirou’s kind intention. Yun Jian nodded and took it from her.

With something so serious happening in Lu Feiyan’s home, Yun Jian had to go visit her no matter what. When Yun Jian acknowledged her as her friend, it was a fact that would not change.

The next morning, Yun Jian took the bus back to Xinjiang Town before dawn.

She carried a simple book bag. It was a little torn, even the color had faded from too many washes.

The kraft envelope that Qin Yirou had given was kept in this book bag.

Arriving at Xinjiang Town after the ride from the station, Yun Jian made her way to Lu Feiyan’s house at once.

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