The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 402 - To The Police Station. The Details

Chapter 402 - To The Police Station. The Details

Yun Jian had visited Lu Feiyan’s house several times. The latter’s family was one of the few that did well in Xinjiang Town.

Her parents were retired teachers and received a considerable pension each month.

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The exterior of Lu Feiyan’s house was renovated exceptionally well. It was, at least, one of the best looking ones compared to the other houses in the village.

In the past when Yun Jian came to Lu Feiyan’s doorstep, the surroundings were clean and well kept. Now, however, the outside of the house was a chaotic mess.

Coming closer for a clearer look, there were plenty of threats and curses painted in bright red on the wall around Lu Feiyan’s home.

"An eye for an eye, a life for a life!"

"Give me back my son’s life!"

"Teacher? You should die!"


The originally clean outdoor wall without any pattern was now covered in condemning red words.

Anyone who passed by could see that these were written by the enemy of the family.

For Yun Jian who knew what happened, she understood at once that these must have been written by the parents of the student whom Lu Feiyan’s father had accidentally killed.

Her gaze sank. Carrying her backpack, she went to Lu Feiyan’s door and knocked.

There was no answer.

Yun Jian raised her hand to knock again.

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"Young lady, are you here for this family?" An old lady’s voice rang from behind her. When Yun Jian turned, she saw an old woman in her seventies or eighties standing behind her holding a little burner for warmth.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded with a frown, slightly anxious.

"They’ve gone to the police station! Go there for them, young lady. Sigh, bad luck, bad luck!" The old granny said, shaking her head with a sigh before she turned to leave.

She was only here to inform Yun Jian out of kindness.

With the gentle reminder, Yun Jian instantly knew what was going on.

With Lu Feiyan’s father held custody in Xinjiang Town’s police station, Lu Feiyan and her mother were not sitting around in complacency. It was understandable that both of them had gone to the police station as well.

Luckily, Xinjiang Town’s police station was not far from here. Carrying her backpack, Yun Jian arrived after a short walk.

At the waiting lobby of the police station, Yun Jian saw Lu Feiyan and her mother.

Lu Feiyan had gotten a whole round thinner and looked pale and weak. Her hair was a mess like she had not combed it for days. Sitting on the chair of the lobby with her mother, both of them were quietly staring at the floor.

It was until Yun Jian came to the front of Lu Feiyan and her shoes appeared in the latter’s field of vision that she looked up lifelessly.

She saw Yun Jian at once.

"Xiao Jian..." With a press of lips, Lu Feiyan called out softly. Tears fell at the same time.

Yun Jian walked over and wrapped her arms around Lu Feiyan’s frail frame. She patted her back, there was nothing else she could do to comfort the girl.

Lu Feiyan’s tears streamed even more while her mother looked like she had no more tears to cry, staring dumbly on the floor without making a sound.

When Lu Feiyan regained her composure, Yun Jian helped her to sit down somewhere farther from her mother. It was then Lu Feiyan sobbed to her about what she had gone through these days.

Her father had gone back to help in the school per the school principal’s invitation. He was already a retired teacher and was no longer a young man. The day he had gone back to the school, which was also the day the accident happened, the principal had even asked her father to help out in a laborious chore.

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