The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 403 - Visit In The Station. The Elite Troop

Chapter 403 - Visit In The Station. The Elite Troop

Since the principal of the school that Lu Feiyan’s father had worked in for half of his life was their distant relative, her father was shy to reject the invitation and went to help.

No one expected it to cause a tragedy.

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When Lu Feiyan’s father was moving a long pole, someone had bumped into him on the third floor and the pole slipped from his grip, falling down from the third floor’s window just like that.

A student had passed by coincidentally and the pole went right into his head, killing him in one blow.

The person who bumped into Lu Feiyan’s father causing the pole to fall from the third floor was a young teacher said to bear the family name Xu.

After the incident happened, the teacher fervently denied bumping into Lu Feiyan’s father and accused the latter of inappropriate touches, thus causing the tragedy.

Their distant relative, the school principal, refused to make any explanation after the accident as well.

All these had caused the fault, yet Lu Feiyan’s father was the only one accountable!

Lu Feiyan also told Yun Jian that after the accident happened and her father was detained in the police station, the parents of the student victim kicked up a fuss. The parent held a butcher knife and stopped Lu Feiyan from going to school, saying that he would kill her as a repayment for her father’s blood debt if she dared go to school.

Hence, Lu Feiyan had been staying home these days, losing weight and spirit as days passed.

Someone who offered help when one truly needed help was someone worthy of a deep bond.

A policeman cladded in uniform suddenly appeared from the inside of the station, to which Lu Feiyan and her mother stood up promptly.

"The case isn’t resolved. Our chief says that no visiting is allowed. You guys should leave!" The policeman waved his hand in dismissal at the mother and daughter and turned to leave.

"Mr. Policeman, please! Help us out, just let us see him, just one glance, okay?" Lu Feiyan’s mother bolted to grab the policeman’s hand like an exploding spring, pleading him humbly.

"Go away, go away! No means no. Unless you get the signature from a superior. Otherwise, you can’t enter!" The policeman said rather impatiently.

Lu Feiyan was anxious just from watching, tears falling again as she stood.

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She and her mother had waited for a long time here. Since her father was brought to the police station, they had never seen him once.

The reason the police gave was that the case was still ongoing, so they could not meet him.

"They can visit him as long as a superior officer gives the signature?" Just when the policeman was about to push Lu Feiyan’s mother away, a melodious voice of a girl rang.

The policeman was slightly startled before he saw Yun Jian who was slowly making her way over.

With the pride of being a policeman, he tipped his chin and looked down at Yun Jian, nodding in reply, "That’s right. They can with the approval of a superior officer!"

Yun Jian pressed her lips together before sliding her backpack off to hold it in her hands.

"What are you doing, young lady? I have work to do, I have no time for games with you!" The policeman frowned, confused when he saw Yun Jian retrieving her backpack, and turned to leave.

"Does this count then?" Yun Jian stretched her hand, pulling out a pass from her book bag.

The policeman took the pass from her with a scoff and opened it to take a look only to be stunned.

On top of the pass were Yun Jian’s name, gender, and details. When his eyes went lower, there it was printed "Official member of Advance Special Forces"!

There was even another line of text there that said "Issued by Supreme Command of Advance Special Forces, Ge Junjian."

This identification pass...

The policeman was dumbstruck, at a loss for words when he looked at Yun Jian. His teeth were chattering. "You... you’re an Advance Special Forces? ASF under Officer Ge? That—that’s the best troop nationwide..."

How old was this girl? She was a member of Advance Special Forces!

The policeman nearly dropped his jaw from the shock.

When they heard the title, Lu Feiyan and her mother felt their hearts thumping as well.

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