The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 405 - Coming At Them, An Eye For An Eye

Chapter 405 - Coming At Them, An Eye For An Eye

Yun Jian could see Lu Feiyan’s reaction. She knew how much pain her friend was in, so she did not probe further.

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Any family that encountered an incident like this would not feel fine.

Moreover, Lu Feiyan’s father did not kill someone intentionally, but he had still killed someone albeit accidentally. Even though his wrongdoing did not warrant death, it seemed that he would be sentenced to at least three to seven years behind bars based on the current situation. The penalty fine that he had to pay would be an astounding amount as well.

Lu Feiyan’s family was not impoverished but they had no power or authority at all while the father of the student whom Lu Feiyan’s father had accidentally caused death was said to be someone influential in Xinjiang Town to even Longmen City—he was not just wealthy, he was powerful!

It was actually not a tough guess that the reason no visit was allowed after Lu Feiyan’s father was held custody was probably the consequence of the victim’s parents bribing the police.

"Help Mrs. Lu back home for a rest," Yun Jian told Lu Feiyan, going over to help as she noticed the woman clearly not looking very well.

"Mm." Lu Feiyan nodded and gratefully repeated what she said earlier, "Xiao Jian, thank you! Thank you so much for today. If it weren’t for you, mom and I wouldn’t have been able to see my dad..."

When her father who was still staying behind bars and had obviously gotten thinner and older was mentioned, Lu Feiyan felt choked, her words lodging in her throat.

Her father was a righteous person and was always helpful. After he retired, he was kind not to refuse anyone who asked him for help.

Sometimes, however, kind people were the ones who would get caught in trouble.

Such was the case for Lu Feiyan’s father.

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When the accident happened, the school principal who asked him back to school for help and the teacher who knocked into him causing the pole in his hands to fall from the third floor had both stayed hidden, afraid to get entangled in the trouble.

Hence, all the blame fell to Lu Feiyan’s father.

Yun Jian patted Lu Feiyan’s back and together, they walked back home helping her mother.

Clang! Clang!

On the way back where they would arrive at the Lu house after a turn, the loud collision of things banging the door was heard, the source was the Lu house.

Lu Feiyan’s mother shuddered while Lu Feiyan blanched. The former hastened her steps to go toward her house.

Puzzled, Yun Jian was suddenly reminded of the threats written in red paint that vandalized the walls around their house. She understood instantly and picked up her pace to keep up with her friend and her mother.

Making the turn, the gate to their house greeted them.

In spite of it, Yun Jian narrowed her eyes promptly at the sight. A few people were using farming shovels to ram Lu’s gate in front of the house.

One of them was an old man around his sixties or seventies. He hurled the shovel onto the gate violently, howling and cursing, "My grandson, my poor grandson! Come out! You guys, come out right now! Retired teacher? You killed my grandson, I want your daughter to pay for his life!"

From the old man’s words, Yun Jian was able to identify that he was probably the grandfather of the student who was the victim.

"Yan’er, run, quick! Don’t let them see you, run now!" Lu Feiyan’s mother shouted in a low tone as she shoved Lu Feiyan, her dazed eyes turning panicked when she saw the group of people.

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