The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 407 - Yun Jian’s Advance. The Speed Of Light

Chapter 407 - Yun Jian’s Advance. The Speed Of Light

Watching how Zhang Qin’s grandfather and the others were about to come to them with pitching shovels, Lu Feiyan’s mother shoved both the younger girls.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes. In conjunction with what had happened previously, including Lu Feiyan explaining the complete situation to her, she could already gauge the current state of things.

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When Lu Feiyan’s mother did not forget to push her aside while pushing Lu Feiyan away, Yun Jian’s eyes widened, not expecting the woman to protect her equally.

Nonetheless, Lu Feiyan must have gotten her moral conduct from her parents. The girl herself was principled, so her mother must naturally be decent as well.

"Mom!" Lu Feiyan shouted. At the same time she did, Yun Jian’s arm shot out.

The moment Lu Feiyan’s mother pushed her and Lu Feiyan away, her pair of fair little hands sn.a.k.e.d up the woman’s wrist spontaneously and yanked her to where she was with a jolt of exertion.

Simultaneously, Yun Jian twirled and stood where the woman had been standing just earlier.

This was the spot closest to Zhang Qin’s grandfather and his incoming shovel.

"Both of you, leave." Yun Jian said softly after a press of her lips but her expression remained unchanged.

"No, Xiao Jian, you..."

"Child, leave now. This has nothing to do with you, you shouldn’t get yourself into this..."

The first anxious voice belonged to Lu Feiyan while the latter was her mother’s panicky tone. Both of them were horrified, utterly forgetting about Yun Jian’s identity as an Advanced Special Forces soldier that she had flashed earlier.

Lu Feiyan had also forgotten about Yun Jian’s bizarre skills when she was still in Xinjiang Town.

Right now, both the mother and daughter’s biggest worry was entangling the innocent Yun Jian into their mess of a situation.

It was exactly because of their kind nature, friendliness, and humility that Yun Jian was willing to take Lu Feiyan as a genuine friend and helped them with their predicament.

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"Shh." Yun Jian suddenly put a finger to her lips with a soft gaze at Lu Feiyan and her mother. She then pressed her lips together before a sharp glint flashed in her eyes.

The mother and daughter pair were astounded by her action.

At the same time, Zhang Qin’s father and his helpers were already here with their shovels.

People were beginning to crowd around them as well. Some of them could not help pausing their steps as they watched what was happening here from afar.

Some were dreadful while some covered their mouth, unable to believe that they were witnessing someone slamming another person with a shovel.

All of them were scared of what was happening next—Yun Jian who stood front and foremost being crushed by the shovel,

Yet, no one left for the sake of satisfying the slight urge to watch the drama. Some of them already had their eyes covered, too timid to see the gore they were sure would happen.

With curses spewing out of Zhang Qin’s grandfather’s mouth and a raging impulse flooding his head, the shovel he brought up was about to slam down on Yun Jian.

Lu Feiyan and her mother gasped, rushing to sprint to her so they could take the attack for her.

Suddenly, Yun Jian’s feet moved. In the next flash, she was already up and moving!

If someone asked how fast was the speed of light, the crowd there would answer without hesitation—it would be her amazing speed!

Yun Jian’s leg lifted in 180 degrees to kick the shovel away from the old man’s grip and tumble him. At the same speed, she moved across the helpers of Zhang Qin’s grandfather.

She was so fast that everyone’s eyes could hardly keep up.

As she slid around the villagers and Zhang Qin’s grandfather, all of them collapsed to the ground while their shovels of a weapon were tossed elsewhere.

The scene shocked the spectators to the core.

God, who was this young girl? Why did she have such terrifying skills?

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