The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 409 - Taking Statements. What Happened?

Chapter 409 - Taking Statements. What Happened?

The policeman was the one who Yun Jian had met in the station just earlier.

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After Lu Feiyan and her mother left the police station having visited the man of their family, the policeman had boasted to his colleagues there that he had met a member of the Advance Special Forces. He had even gestured in exaggeration, saying that the member of ASF looked like a girl who was not even eighteen years old yet!

The tall policeman had mocked him then, "An underage ASF? Hah, you think it’s so easy to become one? Even if it’s a new found talent, they can only become a Special Forces candidate entering the training camp. Not everyone gets to become an Advance Special Forces!"

When he said that, he even added triumphantly, "My cousin’s a Special Forces soldier. He’s been one for over a decade but he can’t even step into the threshold of the ASF."

The tall policeman had only wanted to flaunt how much more he knew by mentioning it. At the same time, he wanted to get his point across—an underage Advance Special Forces? What a joke!

He later tooted his horn to his colleagues as well until someone came to the station reporting that there was a case somewhere.

It was then they ran here in vigor.

Initially, the tall policeman really did think that the other officer was bluffing.

When he saw Yun Jian who exuded an innate aura of a king standing in front of the succ.u.mbed old men, he took a sharp inhale thinking that what his colleague had said just now was not that impossible.

As for the officer who had just spoken, his claim startled everyone around them—even when they did not know what the Advance Special Forces represented. They did hear clearly, however, that this young girl who had beaten up Zhang Qin’s grandfather and his fellows was a Special Forces soldier!

That explained why she was so good!

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The crowd’s doubt was answered and everyone looked toward Yun Jian like they were looking at someone in power. No matter what her identity was, her skills had spoken for her just now and it was just the reality.

"Cough, cough... Get up, get up now, all of you. Everyone involved in the ruckus followed me back to the station." The tall policeman was not stupid. Seeing that Yun Jian was really something, he refrained from bossing them around but walked over to pat the old men on the ground with his baton.

"Officer, we can’t get up! That damned girl must have done something to us, we can’t even move now!" One of Zhang Qin’s grandfather’s helpers actually said politely when he saw the police.

"Why can’t you get up? You have to move even if you can’t get up!" The tall policeman was curt with the seniors.

He then instructed his subordinates, "Carry one man each, bring them back to the station for statements."

Since their superior had spoken, the police officer earlier alongside his colleagues could only go over and piggyback the old men.

Yun Jian, Lu Feiyan, and Lu Feiyan’s mother followed the officers back to the police station as well.

By the time the girls and woman had their statements taken, Zhang Qin’s grandfather as well as his friends could finally move. However, they did not cause any more scenes in the police station, especially when they had witnessed Yun Jian’s skills.

They would not be able to fight her even if they wanted to.

When the ladies exited the interrogation room, they saw a suited man with leather shoes in his forties dashing into the police station hurriedly.

The man ran to Zhang Qin’s grandfather and asked with a frown, "Dad, what happened?"

This man was Zhang Qin’s father, Zhang Zhiming.

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