The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 410 - Kneeling Down To Beg. A Slap

Chapter 410 - Kneeling Down To Beg. A Slap

Zhang Zhiming looked depressed, his not exactly good looking face was sunken. It was visible that Zhang Qin’s death had dealt a huge blow to Zhang Zhiming and their family.

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Zhang Qin’s grandfather pointed toward Yun Jian and began rambling to his son.

Yun Jian, Lu Feiyan, and her mother could hear that the elderly man was describing the incident. It was just that he had exaggeratingly detailed how Yun Jian had subdued the few of them.

Zhang Zhiming’s brows creased, so deep that it could kill a fly in the fold by the time he finished listening to the grandfather.

When Zhang Zhiming planned to go up to Yun Jian, Lu Feiyan’s mother suddenly let go of both the girls’ hands and darted to said man, plopping down into a kneel.

The tear tracks on the cheeks of Lu Feiyan’s mother were yet to dry, she had not even managed to wipe them off, but she moved two steps forward to Zhang Zhiming on her knees.

"Please! I beg you! This is my partner’s fault. Please have mercy, stop bullying my daughter. She’s innocent! She didn’t do anything! If you want to kill someone, come at me! Please..." Lu Feiyan’s mother pleaded.

She was not afraid of death but she could not bear to watch her daughter live in the terror that she might be killed by a shovel anytime.

One without power and status was always the weaker of society. They were unable to forge connections or make acquaintance with people whose status was a level higher than theirs.

Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan had never expected the latter’s mother to kneel down at Zhang Zhiming.

"Mom! Mom, don’t be like this..." Lu Feiyan rushed over with a cry, squatting down to wrap her arms over her mother and trying to pull her up.

Lu Feiyan was not one to have her mother kneel down to beg at someone for her!

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"Your daughter’s innocent. Is my son not?" Zhang Zhiming glanced at Lu Feiyan’s mother coldly and kicked her away, telling her, "My son’s only in elementary school! He was so young..."

"Sorry! I’m sorry! So sorry..." Lu Feiyan’s mother kept apologizing, tears flooding her eyes. She was apologizing on behalf of her husband’s accident.

"Can a sorry bring back my son? Huh? Why can your daughter live well in this world when my son—who was so young has to die alone? Huh!" Zhang Zhiming got emotional as well, brimming with belligerence, as his words shook with his anger.

"I will kill all of you! Make your whole family pay! Hahaha, for my poor child, I’ll kill your entire family!" Zhang Zhiming’s emotions got the better of him.

Just as the group was rising in volume and attracted the police again but they were unable to soothe them and mediate the situation, a crisp sound broke out.


It was loud and clear, curt.

Yun Jian had come up to Zhang Zhiming and flung a slap on him without a word.

The slap woke Zhang Zhiming up.

It also stunned the police, quieting Lu Feiyan and her mother as well.

For a moment, there was only silence as if everyone could hear each other’s breathing.

Yun Jian looked up, her sharp sword-like gaze piercing Zhang Zhiming.

The girl’s melodic voice sounded. Looking at the man, she told him bluntly, "Foolish! You don’t even deserve to be your son’s father!"

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