The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 411 - A Face Slap. Do You Know Who She Is?

Chapter 411 - A Face Slap. Do You Know Who She Is?

Yun Jian’s words felt like a punch to Zhang Zhiming. Staring dumbly at the girl, he opened his mouth but failed to say anything in the end.

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Once it had to do with his son, Zhang Zhiming quieted.

"It’s already happened. Do you think your son can come back to life when you try to stir up troubles with your little influence?" Yun Jian’s words were a direct jab at Zhang Zhiming.

She did not stop there. Her tone was laced with ice that ran a shiver down someone’s spine. "You’re dreaming!"

"How dare you say that! You..." Zhang Qin’s grandfather was infuriated, turning to get his precious shovel to hit Yun Jian but was stopped by Zhang Zhiming.

Zhang Zhiming looked at Yun Jian, seemingly calmer now, as he frowned and told her, "Go on!"

"The one who stopped them from visiting their family is you." Narrowing her eyes, Yun Jian kept her eyes on Zhang Zhiming when she pointed at Lu Feiyan and her mother.

When words left her mouth, it was not just the mother and daughter who were shocked, the policemen around them stood astonished too.

"How did you know?" Zhang Zhiming was even more startled, gasping, not like he was afraid to expose what he had done.

The police were just stunned. Other than Zhang Zhiming and them in the station, no one else knew about this! How did this young girl find out?

Zhang Zhiming recovered swiftly and snorted. He glanced at Yun Jian before looking at Lu Feiyan and her mother in contempt.

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"So what if you know hmm? Hah, do you think you’re the chief of the police station? Will you be able to stop me?!" Zhang Zhiming taunted fiercely.

He did not know that Lu Feiyan and her mother had already visited the girl’s father. In addition, he was not made known of Yun Jian’s identity as an Advance Special Forces, thus his arrogant and derisive attitude.

"Bastard! How could our chief compare to her!" The tall policeman had already believed that Yun Jian was an ASF member and quickly stepped out to censure Zhang Zhiming when he heard him.

Actually, he was just afraid that Ge Junjian would catch wind of their bribery from Yun Jian. Said man was a renowned officer in Country Z!

If their higher-ranking officers decided to investigate the matter, putting the bribe money Zhang Zhiming had bought them over, all the policemen here would face the threat of losing their jobs!

This was a wager they could not risk betting!

In spite of it, the tall policeman’s words were interpreted into Yun Jian being incomparable to the chief to Zhang Zhiming.

"Hah, did you hear him? You can’t even compare to the chief!" Zhang Zhiming thought that the tall policeman was rebuking Yun Jian for him.

That was not all. Being in the police station and in front of everyone, Zhang Zhiming pointed his finger at Yun Jian with a raised head and barreled forward, saying, "My son was killed because of you all, so you should pay your lives for it! Having power is mightier than the gods. Even if I’m banishing all of you today, you have no place to seek justice for it!"

This was basically dragging everyone in the police station down with him.

If it had been others that would be fair, but Yun Jian was an Advance Special Forces—under Ge Junjian!

The tall policeman panicked. Hurrying to Zhang Zhiming, he slapped him muttering, "What are you talking about? Nonsense! Do you know who she is? She’s an Advance Special Forces member! Of course our chief is nothing compared to her!"

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