The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 412 - A Ludicrous Thought. Returning It

Chapter 412 - A Ludicrous Thought. Returning It

Slapped by the tall policeman, Zhang Zhiming was thrown aback.

What did he mean she was an Advance Special Forces? What did he mean that their chief could not compare to her?

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After the tall policeman gave Zhang Zhiming a harsh slap, his scowl split into a grin as he walked over to Yun Jian with a fawning smile.

"He was making things up just now, don’t take it seriously! The police will investigate the case to our best ability and treat the matter fair and just! Don’t you worry!" The tall policeman’s words baffled everyone, especially Zhang Zhiming.

The reason he dared spew what he did was because he had bribed most of the policemen in Xinjiang Town’s police station. He did not expect everything to change once Yun Jian appeared!

Lu Feiyan and her mother were frozen in a stupor when they heard the officer.

From what he meant, the police would be reinvestigating the case?

After all, the root cause of the incident was the school principal asking Lu Feiyan’s father back to school for help. According to the law, the school principal should bear necessary legal responsibilities as well.

As for the teacher who had knocked into Lu Feiyan’s father causing the pole to fall from the third floor, she should be the main culprit held accountable in the entire accident! She should be bearing the fault with Lu Feiyan’s father!

As long as the police were willing to look into the matter, this meant that it was highly possible for Lu Feiyan’s father to have a lighter sentence and even be exempted from jail time!

Though a penalty compensation was inevitable.

Nonetheless, with what happened, this was the best outcome Lu Feiyan and her mother could imagine!

After all, it was a fact that Lu Feiyan’s father had cost someone’s life.

"What? What about what you promised me?" Zhang Zhiming was bewildered.

He had bought the police off with so much money!—All this just so that his son would not die in vain!

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Suddenly, Yun Jian popped out of the blue and destroyed everything!

"Promised? What did we promise? I’m warning you. Whether you or your father dares make a move on the mother and daughter in the future, the police will capture you and handle it according to the law!" Since the tall policeman was set on s.u.c.k.i.n.g up to Yun Jian, he was going through with it.

"You—all of you!" Zhang Zhiming glared at them before glowering at Yun Jian, threatening, "I remember you now! Humph, don’t let me see you in Longmen City next time! Or else I’ll have you know the consequences!"

He was the boss to a small enterprise. It was currently still in discussion but he was so close to working together with New Cruise!

As for Yun Jian, she looked like a pauper’s child to Zhang Zhiming.

He dared not step over the line in the police station, so he left behind his threat, leaving with Zhang Qin’s grandfather as well as the others.

It was certain that Zhang Zhiming had made a mental note to remember Yun Jian—not like the latter cared.

Back when she flashed her identity as an ASF, it was to make the police seek justice for Lu Feiyan’s father.

Leaving the police station once again, it was already noon and Yun Jian finally got to step inside the Lu house.

Lu Feiyan’s mother cooked a table full of dishes in order to thank her. It was only then Yun Jian took out the ten thousand yuan from her backpack, including the Kraft envelope Qin Yirou had given her, to give them to the woman.

Lu Feiyan’s mother refused to accept them initially, already immensely grateful that Yun Jian had helped them. How could she take her money too?

What was more, it was twelve thousand Chinese yuan!

This was a large sum in the modern era, and it was more so in 1998.

Yet, the Lu’s was definitely in need of money with what had happened.

In the end, Yun Jian claimed that she was lending the money. Lu Feiyan could work for her when she grew up.

Lu Feiyan’s mother knew that she was only joking, but after pushing it back and forth, she accepted the large sum with grateful tears, thinking that she would be saving up and returning it to the girl after her family got through this hardship.

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