The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 413 - An Emergency—His Life At Stake

Chapter 413 - An Emergency—His Life At Stake

Yun Jian stayed in Xinjiang Town from morning to noon, returning to Longmen City after having lunch at Lu Feiyan’s.

The police had decided to actually investigate Lu Feiyan’s father’s case, so there was no worry they would be partial like they had been.

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Before Yun Jian left, she told Lu Feiyan and her mother to look for her in Longmen City if the police failed to do as they said or if Zhang Qin’s grandfather remained stubborn, leaving them with her current address.

Lu Feiyan bid goodbye to Yun Jian with teary eyes, her gaze longing and thankful.

"No need to send me off. I’ll come to visit again during the Lunar New Year," Yun Jian told Lu Feiyan with a pat on the back of the latter’s hand with crescent eyes.

"Mm!" Lu Feiyan nodded in response.

All the while, Lu Feiyan, and her mother did not ask why or how Yun Jian became an Advance Special Forces soldier. Yun Jian would tell them in the future if she had wanted to.

It was already late when Yun Jian returned to Longmen City.

Qin Yirou asked about the Lu’s in concern when she finished work, to which Yun Jian answered in elaboration.

During dinner, there were only Qin Yirou, Yun Jian, and young Yun Zhu at home. Yun Yi was not home, having gone out with his friends, while Dong Ruan was rarely home as she was a busy woman.

Ding dong...

The doorbell rang.

Qin Yirou was about to stand up to get to the door when Yun Jian stopped her. "Mom, eat. I’ll go answer the door."

Standing up and stabbing her hands into her pockets, Yun Jian went to the door.

Since there was no answer for a moment, the doorbell had only been rung more frequently in haste. It seemed that the visitor had something urgent.

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Yun Jian was already on her way to the door, opening it with a squeak when she arrived.

An anxious figure was pacing back and forth outside and when the person saw Yun Jian, he rushed over and spoke fretfully, "Sister Jian! Goodness! Boss got shot. His life is at stake now..."

This person was Xu Zetian’s subordinate, Duan Lei.

Duan Lei was a calm and composed man but none of that was present right now.

Yun Jian immediately knew that something might have happened to Xu Zetian.

Although Yun Jian had taken over Dragon Head Gang and renamed it Falcon Hall, the gang members were used to calling her Sister Jian while keeping their old term of address, Boss, for Xu Zetian.

Yun Jian had never minded it.

"Let’s speak outside." Duan Lei’s voice was loud, thus Yun Jian gestured for fear that Qin Yirou heard it from inside of the house.

That was exactly what happened. Qin Yirou who heard the noise stood up to walk to them, asking, "Xiao Jian, what’s going on? Whose life is at stake?"

Yun Jian had Duan Lei step out first before turning to lie to Qin Yirou, "It’s the troop, mom. I’ll go and have a look, see if I can help. Don’t worry."

Upon her mother’s approval, Yun Jian then left home in a hurry. Qin Yirou had not probed further since she believed it was something to do with the military.

After Yun Jian left, she went up to Duan Lei and hurried to Falcon Hall’s headquarters together.

"What happened in particular?" Yun Jian dove right into the main topic.

As they brisk-walked, Duan Lei explained. His slight panting, however, made him look edgy. "Boss was holding an executive meeting in the gang but a sniper ambushed him from a distance. It was close! Boss was almost killed on the spot..."

When he spoke, Duan Lei’s voice was trembling.

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