The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 415 - I’m Practiced In Medicine. Kindling Hope

Chapter 415 - I’m Practiced In Medicine. Kindling Hope

Xu Zetian was in the room right now, the doctor operating on him.

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Nonetheless, the doctor had only shaken his head with a sigh of "I’ll do my best" when he saw Xu Zetian’s wound. It was because of what he said that reddened the eyes of the gang’s executive members.

Waiting was always the longest way to pass time, especially when they had no idea about the state of Xu Zetian’s injury and if the doctor could save him.

After all, the man had passed out immediately the moment he got shot.

If the doctor had not come so fast, Xu Zetian would probably barely be able to hold it out to this point in time based on his condition back then.

Yun Jian shifted her gaze to the closed door of the room Xu Zetian was in, suddenly striding over to it.

Seeing that Yun Jian was going to extend her hand to open the door to the room that Xu Zetian was being operated on, the executive member who had just spoken stopped her quickly. "Sister Jian, you can’t enter! The doctor said that air must be kept ventilated inside or it’ll influence the surgery."

The executive member was only saying so out of his concern for Xu Zetian’s wound. Yun Jian understood it.

Before she said anything, Duan Lei’s voice came from behind her, "Sister Jian, we know that you care about your boss too but what we can do now is only to wait. All of us hope that the boss comes out safe..."

As Duan Lei spoke, his voice grew raspier toward the end. There was even a tinge of sob that slipped.

Xu Zetian’s subordinates here were loyal. The man himself had never treated them like his subordinates. He looked at them like they were his actual brothers.

Now that this happened to Xu Zetian today, these big burly men who were fearless, developing Dragon Head Gang from where it had been to the scale it was now on sheer brute force, wore red-rimmed eyes as they hung their heads. No one said anything.

Despite their sullen state and apprehension that bad news would be delivered from the room anytime, the light melodic voice of Yun Jian rang, "I’m practiced in medicine."

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When the men heard the voice, it felt only like a light nudge. Not even three seconds later, they suddenly snapped their head up. All of their eyes were glowing as they looked straight at the girl standing before them.

Sister Jian was trained in medical practices?

They were baffled.

Smiling at the response, Yun Jian flicked her hair and pressed her lips looking at the men, asking airily, "Why? You guys don’t believe me?"

Yun Jian’s words felt like a loud ringing bell to the group. When they looked at her again, the color of their eyes was radiant once more.

Duan Lei stepped up almost immediately as he nodded with assertion, telling Yun Jiang, "Sister Jian, we believe what you say!"

Since what Yun Jian did in the mafia tea party the last time spread throughout the gang, all of them believed it! Yun Jian had never made empty promises!

Whatever she said was dependable!

Looking at the men’s swift change of expression and their deeply trusting eyes, Yun Jian could not help being moved. She did not know when it had started but they actually believed in her to this extent.

"Duan Lei, come in with me. Everyone else, wait outside," Yun Jian told the gang after taking a glance at Duan Lei.

After that, she pushed the door to enter the room without any hesitation.

Duan Lei had no idea why Yun Jian had asked him to go with her but he went anyway. Upon entering the room, he closed the door.

Outside, it was like hope was rekindled in the senior gang members as the crestfallen looks earlier were completely washed off.

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