The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 416 - She’s The Boss. Be My Assistant

Chapter 416 - She’s The Boss. Be My Assistant

Once Yun Jian and Duan Lei stepped into the room, they saw a long table dr.a.p.ed in white gauze with an unconscious person laying on top. It was none other than Xu Zetian.

The long table was apparently being used as a temporary surgical theater while countless surgical tools were placed beside it.

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A middle-aged man in a white doctor’s robe was standing on the side in preparation for the surgery.

It had yet to begin.

The name of the man in the white coat was Su Zifan. He was a doctor from a private hospital and was pretty skilled in his practice. He took house calls as well.

Dragon Head Gang in the past, that was the current Falcon Hall, would ask for Su Zifan whenever someone was injured. In a way, Su Zifan was a part time private doctor for Falcon Hall.

When he saw Yun Jian and Duan Lei entering, he frowned. He was disinfecting his surgical tools but his movement halted.

"What are you guys coming in for? Didn’t I ask you to wait outside? No one is allowed to stand in the room. If the wound gets infected with germs and bacteria, I’m not going to be held responsible!" Su Zifan spoke with a scowl as he stopped what he was doing.

Earlier, the executive members were chased out of the room to wait by the same words from Su Zifan.

The surgeon did not know Yun Jian, so naturally, he did not know that she was the boss of the current Falcon Hall.

"Move aside, I’ll lead the surgery," Yun Jian stated her intention simply without providing further elaboration.

"You?" Su Zifan was shocked. It was only then he looked at Yun Jian properly and that only served to startle him more.

How old was this young lady?

Lead the surgery? Did she think an operation as a joke?

"Lead the surgery? Have you learned medicine? You’re still in high school, aren’t you? Little girl!" As the only doctor in the building, Su Zifan’s tone was slightly patronizing when he spoke.

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In addition, he was truly quite skilled and many hospitals had recruited him offering a handsome remuneration but he had rejected all of them.

Besides, patients would always have to listen to his order and it was not like Su Zifan had met any match, so he was usually pumped with a sense of pride and haughtiness.

"Su Zifan, look at who’s standing in front of you clearly! Careful I’ll get you killed for being so rude!" Duan Lei huffed fiercely looking at Su Zifan, abruptly annoyed at him.

The doctor had been the only doctor here previously, thus Duan Lei tolerated him when he could. Things were different now. Sister Jian could practice medicine too!

Stunned, Su Zifan did not expect Duan Lei to speak to him in such a tone.

"Sister Jian, please go ahead." Seeing that Su Zifan clamped up slightly in a flash, Duan Lei wasted no time and turned to tell Yun Jian.

"Mm." Yun Jian walked over.

Sister Jian? Someone who could be addressed as "Sister" by Duan Lei, a high-ranking member who was influential in Falcon Hall... Was this the rumored young new leader of Falcon Hall?

Su Zifan was dumbfounded, only then realizing how offensive he had sounded.

He shuddered on the spot, not daring to move even an inch.

She was Falcon Hall’s boss! This meant that if Yun Jian got furious, it was possible for her to kill him right there and then!

While Su Zifan was in his stupor, Yun Jian had already come to the long table and wore the surgical scrubs and sterile gloves that the former had brought.

"Be my assistant." Yun Jian suddenly turned to glimpse at Su Zifan. She was not upset about Su Zifan’s disdain nor did she say anything else.

Not expecting Yun Jian to say that Su Zifan was dazed for another beat before he nodded. "Oh..."

Was this a chance for him to redress his mistake for making a slip of tongue just now?

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