The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 418 - Nobody Goes, One Is More Than Enough

Chapter 418 - Nobody Goes, One Is More Than Enough

Yun Jian was slightly perplexed as well when she heard the nickname, which was given to her by her peers when she practiced medicine in her past life, leaving someone’s mouth once again.

"Grim Reaper’s Hands" was a title she had earned during a mission where she disguised as a mature lady to approach her assassination target. It was reputable in the medicine sphere but she did not expect someone to recognize her past life’s disguised identity here in Country Z.

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It was certain that Su Zifan did not recognize Yun Jian through her looks but her skills!

When he studied abroad in Country M, he had been fortunate to watch the full video recording of the surgery headed by the woman called "Grim Reaper’s Hands" from his master. That was basically a medicine science miracle!

What Su Zifan gasped out had equally flummoxed the men around the room, especially Duan Lei who had witnessed the entire process of Yun Jian’s surgery. The emotions that were running through him right now could hardly be put into words.

Everyone was looking at Yun Jian inquisitively as if waiting for her reply.

The girl waved her hand, pressing her lips together before spreading them into a smile. "It’s just a coincidence."

The high-ranking gang members were not skeptical at the answer they received. Su Zifan, however, frowned looking at Yun Jian, unable to calm his rampaging emotions down.

Others might not know it but he had personally watched the entire surgery by that "Grim Reaper’s Hands" woman!

On a percentage scale, Yun Jian and that woman’s techniques were ninety percent similar!

Other than different appearances, it was like they came out of the same mold!

"I’m leaving Xu Zetian’s aftercare to you," Yun Jian said after a moment of side-eyeing Su Zifan.

"Huh... me?" Su Zifan was stumped.

"Mm." Without giving him the chance to refuse, Yun Jian made a press of her lips before turning to head out immediately.

"Sister Jian, where are you going?" Duan Lei and the other men could not help asking.

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"I should return Flying Passage a generous gift since they dared send a sniper to hurt my people!" As Yun Jian spoke, a piercing killing intent flashed in her eyes.

As expected, Sister Jian would never abandon Falcon Hall and disregard them!

Everyone was brimming with resentment. Yun Jian’s words were just in time to raise their heads up in pride.

What Yun Jian was doing was telling them that each person in Falcon Hall was a part of the gang itself! Targeting anyone from Falcon Hall was harming her men and Yun Jian was not going to let it slip easily!

"Sister Jian, I’ll go with you!" Knowing that Xu Zetian’s life was no longer threatened, Duan Lei walked over to Yun Jian as he spoke, leaving the job of taking care of his boss to someone else.

His eyes were reddened still, not from welling tears but rage crackling from fury and revenge.

"Sister Jian, we’re going too!"

"Me too!"

"How dare Flying Passage lay a finger on our boss! We’re going to paint them red in blood!"


Vehement voices filled up the floor as all of them shared the same thought—to make Flying Passage pay!

They were already a hundred percent sure that shooting Xu Zetian was Flying Passage’s doing.

"Nobody goes." Yun Jian looked at the men as she said, her red lips parting and meeting.

What she continued to say next, however, was fiery. "I, alone, am more than enough to handle a mere Flying Passage!"

Her audacious words sounded immensely domineering to the gang.

At the point of time, no one thought that she was youthfully naïve and flippant because she was Falcon Hall’s pride!

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