The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 419 - Sir Third. Go Up To Heaven

Chapter 419 - Sir Third. Go Up To Heaven

A fiery red Ferrari LaFerrari was speeding along the highway from Longmen City to Taizhou City.

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The red sports car overtook countless cars as the pedal was stepped pushing the car to its limit.

Passing a traffic mirror, it was reflected that the mirror on the car showed a small fresh and delicate face.

Yun Jian drove her LaFerrari, cruising straight on the highway that was rather empty with cars.

She had only one destination in mind, Flying Passage Gang in Taizhou City.

She was also the only person involved in what she was about to do. She did say that she alone was enough, so she did not allow anyone from Falcon Hall to go with her to Taizhou City.

Moreover, Xu Zetian needed care. The successful surgery did not mean that he was totally out of risk. The gunshot was close to his heart. He would have to recuperate with care and attention in order to heal and recover.

To prevent the sniper from coming back since Xu Zetian was not killed, Yun Jian had sent Qing You to patrol Falcon Hall more frequently. The latter may not be mighty in battles, but she had over a thousand ways to kill the other party if she resorted to ambush and assassination.

As long as Qing You was around Falcon Hall on standby, Xu Zetian and the rest would do just fine.


Flying Passage, Taizhou City.

An extravagant dinner banquet was being held somewhere. Fancy lighting illuminated the venue as guests flitted about in socializing, greeting, and making acquaintances in harmony and p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e.

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Somewhere in the banquet, a bald middle-aged man had a glass of red wine perched on his right hand as he chatted with a man of similar age who wore only a simple black shirt with a dragon tattoo around his collarbone.

The bald middle-aged man was Xu Zhouzheng, mafia boss of Taizhou City’s Flying Passage. People called him "Sir Third".

Flying Passage fared better than the original Falcon Hall. Led by Xu Zhouzheng, Flying Passage had been keeping its rank as the second top mafia in Zhe Province. Hence, Xu Zhouzheng’s status was front and center among the gang leaders in Zhe Province.

The man with the dragon tattoo whom he was talking to currently was the head of an armament organization, Yan Tianlei.

Yan Tianlei’s firearm business was barely known internationally, but he was a distinguished smuggler of armaments in Country Z.

Even the second top mafia leader of Zhe Province, Xu Zhouzheng, had to regard Yan Tianlei with esteem.

Xu Zhouzheng had basically held this banquet to welcome Yan Tianlei’s return.

"Bro Xu, I heard that you’re caught in a dispute over territory with Longmen City recently, is it true?" Yan Tianlei held a wine glass too as he asked Xu Zhouzheng with a squinting smile, his face that was far from handsome looking more menacing.

"That’s right!" Xu Zhouzheng nodded. As if to play up to Yan Tianlei, he went closer to the latter’s ear and whispered, "Bro Yan, we’re old friends now. I won’t hide some of the news from you. Hah, Falcon Hall in Longmen City’s gotten a woman as their boss. I didn’t attend the last nationwide mafia tea event but I heard some things."

"I’m not believing it! What can a woman do? Other than spreading their legs and giving birth, could she have gone up to heaven? Heh, I’ll tell you honestly. I hired a gunman. If nothing goes wrong, I’m afraid the boss of Falcon Hall—hmph, is dead by now!"

Just as Xu Zhouzheng spat his words, the tightly shut doors of the banquet were kicked open by someone from the outside.

A soft pretty young girl dressed in a long black down jacket stepped into the venue, attracting some attention to herself.

Xu Zhouzheng and Yan Tianlei were astonished, only to hear the girl scoff after scanning the place, "Where’s Flying Passage’s leader? Get your *ss here this instant!"

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