The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 42 - Is She Going To Shoot The Sniper Instead?

Chapter 42 - Is She Going To Shoot The Sniper Instead?

Qin Junlan and Zhang Tiejun, as well as their client, fled faster than everyone else, murmuring, "A shooting, a shooting... A sniper’s shooting someone..."

Crystal Rhythm Hotel’s servers, guests, and chefs scurried their way out at once.

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Rumors were usually the deadliest but also the most useful.

No job was more important than your own life.

Yun Jian, Yun Yi, and Xu Haozhe were now standing behind a wall, precisely out of the sniper’s range.

"Go now. Those people are after me, I can’t burden you guys," Xu Haozhe critically explained with his fists clenched looking at the siblings.

He gave up pretending and flipped the edge of his shirt up to retrieve a pistol from his belt.

"Zhe, you..." Yun Yi’s eyes widened at Xu Haozhe, unable to believe that his best friend had been carrying a pistol with him all the time.

Xu Haozhe chuckled humorlessly as he looked at Yun Yi with an unshaken resolution. "Yi, sorry I lied to you. I’m actually the son of Dragon Head Gang’s boss."

His identity had predetermined his uncommon future.

The Dragon Head Gang was the top mafia of Longmen City’s black market and controlled the underground trade of Longmen City.

There was no doubt that Xu Haozhe could produce a pistol since he was the mafia boss’ son.

Yun Yi was apparently astounded. He did not expect his best friend to come from such a background.

He finally understood why Xu Haozhe had never mentioned his family condition in front of him.

"Leave quickly. This has nothing to do with both of you. There’s no need to get you guys involved!" Xu Haozhe shouted at Yun Yi, who had accepted death as the worst case scenario.

"Will you be able to leave here alive on your own? The sniper is dead set on you," Yun Jian finally spoke after a long time of being still, squinting her eyes.

Xu Haozhe was the sniper’s target. As long as he was exposed within the shooting range, he would be killed for sure.

Even if Xu Haozhe was somehow skilled, he was definitely inadequate to overpower the sniper.

Xu Haozhe and Yun Yi shifted the gaze to Yun Jian. How could she speak like this at this critical moment?

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"Even then, I can’t drag you two into this!" Xu Haozhe looked at Yun Jian square in the eyes and replied.

Yun Yi was his best friend. He would never allow him and his younger sister to get entangled in danger because of him.

Yun Jian studied Xu Haozhe again and suddenly stuck her hand out. Blinking, she calmly stated, "Alright then, give me the pistol."

Based solely on Xu Haozhe’s response just now, Yun Jian had decided to save the boy.

"Huh..." Xu Haozhe’s eyes bulged as he was momentarily stunned.

Give her the pistol? Did she know how to use it?

That would be impossible! This was a pistol!

Yun Yi stared at Yun Jian in mirroring shock.

Lo and behold, Yun Jian stepped forward and grabbed the pistol in Xu Haozhe’s hand, spinning it twice in her grip smoothly.

"Italian made Beretta, effective shooting range fifty meters, that’s enough," Yun Jian mumbled to herself whilst playing with the pistol.

However, her words sounded like earth-shattering tides to Xu Haozhe.

She could actually recognize the gun type?

Moreover, her ease of handling the pistol appeared to not be her first time seeing a gun; she looked more like a veteran who had been fiddling with guns for years.

How old was she again? – But she was Yun Yi’s younger sister, how was it possible for her to come into contact with pistols?

Amidst Xu Haozhe’s shock and Yun Yi’s astonishment, Yun Jian left them. "Stay here and don’t come out". She moved toward the door where the sniper could shoot her in a side lane.

Had she gone crazy? She would be shot going out uncovered!

A crazier thought sprouted in Xu Haozhe and Yun Yi’s mind.

Was Yun Jian trying to shoot the sniper with the pistol instead?

How was that possible?

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