The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 420 - Wipe Out Flying Passage. Her Preeminence (1)

Chapter 420 - Wipe Out Flying Passage. Her Preeminence (1)

Yun Jian’s appearance and her hubristic demand garnered the attention of everyone around her.

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Xu Zhouzheng whose name was mentioned and Yan Tianlei who was talking to him had both shifted their gazes to the door, landing heavily on Yun Jian who came kicking down the door.

Fresh and delicate in her beauty, Yun Jian’s proportional curves were bundled up in an average long black down jacket but it did not require much to imagine the shapely figure underneath.

Nonetheless, what baffled most of the guests was still the words tumbling out of the girl’s lips.

Everyone knew that this dinner was hosted by Flying Passage’s leader, Xu Zhouzheng and his guest of honor was armament tycoon, Yan Tianlei.

This young girl who came out of the blue taunted the boss of Flying Passage right in front of all of them!

Did her mother not teach her that doing so would invite death?

The guests were guessing Yun Jian’s identity but from her youthful appearance, all of them were only assuming her to be a student—nothing else.

That was why what she said just now sounded shocking to them.

Xu Zhouzheng frowned maliciously, his hand swiping over his bald head as the corners of his lips upturned into a menacing smirk.

"Little girl, you’re looking for me?" Xu Zhouzheng was standing on a side of the venue glancing at Yun Jian sideway. His eyes turned disparagingly teasing after espying her face.

The people around knew that tone of Xu Zhouzheng, serious with a hint of mockery—it was the foretelling sign of his rage. Some of them were quick to retreat some distance away in fear.

Come on, Xu Zhouzheng was Taizhou City’s mafia boss! Who would dare provoke him?

Just as the guests watched with piqued interest, thinking that Yun Jian was a goner for being foolish enough to rile Xu Zhouzheng up, the girl’s crisp voice came again. "You exactly! I shall wipe out Flying Passage today for daring to send a sniper to shoot my men in Falcon Hall!"

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So full of herself!

As the audience felt their hearts lurch, their gazes turned to contemplate when they turned to look at Yun Jian again.

Was this girl from Falcon Hall?

It was not that they did not believe in what she said, it was just, Yun Jian’s age made them all skeptical.

More importantly, why was she here alone when she declared herself to be from Falcon Hall?

It only caused the guests to treat Yun Jian’s words as a joke.

Moreover, she claimed that she was going to wipe out Flying Passage? Alone?

She was not here to clown herself, was she?

Alone? She could be killed at once!

"F*ck off, you rat! Get your *ss back wherever you came from! Falcon Hall? What even is your Falcon Hall worth? Don’t try and act cool even if you have nothing to do, little girl. Another word and I’ll shoot your head off!" A lackey in front of Xu Zhouzheng was swift to pull out a pistol and pointed it at Yun Jian as he threatened.

The guests shuddered at the sight. After all, the fear elicited from witnessing a pistol was innate.

Yun Jian who was held at gunpoint did not even blink. Barely noticeable, her lips quirked into a smirk as a flash of murderous intent gleamed in her eyes.

"She’s—isn’t she Falcon Hall’s new boss, Slaying Luo? I saw her in the last national mafia tea event!" Someone suddenly yelped, pointing at Yun Jian from the crowd.

Those words muted the entire venue.

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