The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 421 - Wipe Out Flying Passage. Her Preeminence (2)

Chapter 421 - Wipe Out Flying Passage. Her Preeminence (2)

The person who spoke was the leader of a small-time gang. He was not influential, but he had been lucky to attend the mafia tea party. When Yun Jian made her appearance just now, he had thought she was familiar.

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Initially, he did not qualify to attend the tea event but he had squeezed himself in by pulling some strings. As for Yun Jian, he had only managed to take a few glimpses of her from afar.

The familiarity he felt when she came in put him into a long moment of pondering before his memory hit him. Was she not Falcon Hall’s boss, Slaying Luo!?

"She? Falcon Hall’s new boss? She’s that Slaying Luo woman?"

"For real?!"

"I heard that a mysterious man had annihilated the top gang in the northern zone just for Falcon Hall’s boss, Slaying Luo!"

"Then she’s just a woman who gets her position depending on men!"

"Not sure but she isn’t one we can offend!"


The guests began to talk to each other, their comments about Yun Jian were either deeply astonished or scornful.

No one had imagined Slaying Luo, the new mafia boss of Falcon Hall, to be this young!

Even Xu Zhouzheng and Yan Tianlei could not help gasping.

When Flying Passage’s members heard that Yun Jian was Slaying Luo, the boss of Falcon Hall, they scrambled to encircle her.

Given Flying Passage and Falcon Hall’s current hostile relationship, there was no way Flying Passage would play nice now that Yun Jian had exposed her identity.

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"You’re Falcon Hall’s leader, Slaying Luo?" Xu Zhouzheng studied Yun Jian once more. His previous tone vanished as he stepped up to Yun Jian, creasing his brows as his attitude when he spoke took an instant change.

However, due to Flying Passage and Falcon Hall’s dispute over the territory, Xu Zhouzheng did not look any better even when he was no longer looking at Yun Jian tauntingly.

Being circled by Flying Passage’s members and having a subordinate of Xu Zhouzheng point a gun at her, Yun Jian stared straight at said man without fear or losing her composure.

"Congratulations, you guessed it right." There was not even the slightest expression when Yun Jian uttered her response.

After a pause, she continued coldly. "Too bad, no prize for you even when you got it right."

Xu Zhouzheng frowned, suddenly looking disdainfully at Yun Jian like he was looking at a dead person.

He had set his eyes on Falcon Hall for some time now, wanting to overthrow it and seize it as his own, but Falcon Hall had been standing strong.

Said gang was pretty behind in the gang ranking while Flying Passage was the second ranking top mob. Furious after failing to take over it, Xu Zhouzheng then sent a sniper with the intention of killing Falcon Hall’s leader directly and ultimately uprooting the group.

It was just that Xu Zhouzheng had yet to find out that the sniper he hired had gotten the wrong target, so Xu Zetian had taken a shot for Yun Jian.

"Since you’re here, don’t think about leaving!" Xu Zhouzheng sniggered. With a clap, his sinister grin only grew wider.

He had never believed in rumors, especially after meeting Yun Jian in person. Xu Zhouzheng assumed her to be a woman climbing up ranks by spreading her legs for men.

Upon his clap, another group of people dashed out from the back of the venue, surrounding Yu Jian securely.

No one dared make a sound as they witnessed what was happening. All of them shared the same thought—this woman called Slaying Luo was doomed to dare come to challenge Flying Passage alone!

"I don’t intend to leave before I take out Flying Passage anyway." On the contrary, Yun Jian was calm and unfazed. She flashed a small smile at the man but it felt unnerving.

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