The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 422 - Wipe Out Flying Passage. Her Preeminence (3)

Chapter 422 - Wipe Out Flying Passage. Her Preeminence (3)

"Heh, eliminate Flying Passage? Just you?" The second time he heard Yun Jian say that she was going to uproot his own gang, Xu Zhouzheng laughed with a derisive and scathing sound.

Obviously, coming alone and boldly proclaiming that she was going to wipe Flying Passage out was something utterly unrealistic to Xu Zhouzheng and even everyone else present in the venue.

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The top mob in Zhe Province could barely do anything to Flying Passage. Who was she to end his gang when she was only a young brat here all alone?

Announcing that dinosaurs would come back to life actually sounded more believable.

"I, alone, am enough to take Flying Passage down!" Yun Jian let out a similarly satirical chortle.

Yet, this was the sound that pushed Xu Zhouzheng’s button.

It would raise anyone’s hackle when someone repeatedly acted insolently in front of them—what was more, Xu Zhouzheng was the mafia boss of Taizhou City.

Being the target of a young girl’s scorn right in front of so many people, Xu Zhouzheng was genuinely infuriated. His face was twisted in contempt, the snarl in combination with his bald head inducing waves of repulsion.

"Kill her! Kill her! Do not let me see this woman alive! F*ck! She’s asking for death! Making atrocious claims here in my territory!" Xu Zhouzheng shouted at his lackeys who surrounded Yun Jian with a finger pointed at said girl.

"Yes, boss!" His underlings chorused.

Tss! Tss! Tss!

Continuous hisses rang before the men could do anything to Yun Jian.

Plop! Plop!

A sting at their knees came with the hissing noise and Xu Zhouzheng’s men fell into a kneel on the floor in the next second.

A wall of them had gone down before they even launched an attack.

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These kneeling men shared something in common—a tiny blade had pierced deep into their knees, forcing them to kneel or collapse on the floor at the same time as if strength was sapped out of their legs.

The blades that embedded into their knees were so deep that an excruciating pain wracked through their entire body.

Xu Zhouzheng’s underlings were keening and groaning on the floor before they could do anything.

The scene terrified the guests—all of them saw how the blades, which shot into the men’s knees, flew out from Yun Jian’s hands!

"Ah! Boss, the blade is poisonous! We can’t stand up!" One of Xu Zhouzheng’s lackeys cried out.

They felt weak, not having even the energy to pick themselves up from the floor after they were struck. What was going on?

Panicking, their eyes darted to Yun Jian.

The girl curled her lips into a snide smirk in response.

She could poison people! Her blade-tossing skill looked exactly like that of secret agents and assassins in the movies too!

The gang members’ gazes at Yun Jian now were petrified like they were looking at the Grim Reaper.

They finally caught on to why she was so assertive and confident! Her blades were poisonous. The victim would turn limp in an instant, without the strength to even stand up!

As Yun Jian watched Xu Zhouzheng’s underlings wail and m.o.a.n, she scoffed.

The blades were soaked in Qing You’s poisonous concoctions. Once they brushed past the body and came in contact with blood, the person would go limp and weak immediately, stripped of any strength.

"The b*tch’s tricky! Zhou Jie, shoot her! Quick, kill her!" Xu Zhouzheng cried out in terror, ordering the underling beside him. It was apparent that he was intimidated by what Yun Jian had just done.

Before he finished, Yun Jian’s breezy voice rang again. "It’s time to end the game. Flying Passage should pay the price since you dare set your eyes on Falcon Hall!"

The price was for Flying Passage to be wiped out—from today onward, the gang Flying Passage would be removed from the pages of history!

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