The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 423 - Wipe Out Flying Passage. Her Preeminence (4)

Chapter 423 - Wipe Out Flying Passage. Her Preeminence (4)

Yun Jian was already moving whilst she spoke.

Xu Zhouzheng’s subordinate who held the pistol, named Zhou Jie, raised the firearm swiftly to take aim at Yun Jian upon his boss’ command—where was Yun Jian? It had only been a blink of an eye and she was gone?

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"I’m here." The girl’s tinkling voice came from his back.

Zhou Jie’s heart squeezed. Turning around frantically still holding on to his pistol, there was a hiss during the instant of his twirl. A blade was thrown toward his leg.

Slumping down at once, Zhou Jie collapsed on the floor in a boneless heap.

Yun Jian had been so swift that her movement could not be visibly caught! It frightened everyone on the spot.

Xu Zhouzheng, namely, watched in fear as Yun Jian stabbed the blade into Zhou Jie’s leg and the latter fell to the floor, the pistol in his grip slipping off as well.

"You... You... You..." Xu Zhouzheng’s mouth was agape. The shock he felt could no longer be described in words.

All of his underlings were on the floor currently, no one was able to stand and look at Yun Jian in the eyes.

Even Yan Tianlei, who came from the background of trading armament and had seen more than enough of the black market, could not help the shudder that coursed through him.

The girl was not even human!

The skill and ability that she possessed!—How was this the rumored woman who climbed to her spot depending on men?

"What about me?" Yun Jian kept her small curl of a smile, staring unnervingly at Xu Zhouzheng and everyone in the venue.


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Without looking at the floor, Yun Jian stomped one foot forward onto the pistol that Zhou Jie had just dropped. The force that flicked near the end enabled Yun Jian’s foot to hook the pistol up into the air.

The spring of the gun reached right where Yun Jian’s hand lay limp. A gentle stretch forward was enough for her to grab the weapon.

Her actions looked like that of a devil who rose up from hell. The ease of her flow was as if she had practiced it countless times.

Xu Zhouzheng could not help the quiver that ran down himself. He dared not see her as an ordinary young girl or a woman who rose in ranks depending on men anymore.

He was even regretting why he had taken her as someone like that earlier.

Gripping the pistol with familiarity, Yun Jian toyed the pistol out of habit before pointing it at Xu Zhouzheng.

"How would you like to die?" Yun Jian beamed with crescent eyes, her words dripping with frightening vice.

Xu Zhouzheng was now shaking all over, pale as a sheet, as he had witnessed how Yun Jian grabbed the pistol and pointed it at him.

All his lackeys were subdued. While he was trained as well, what he knew could barely suffice judging from Yun Jian’s performance just now.

Nonetheless, Xu Zhouzheng was not one to submit to his death.

With a snarl, he threatened, "You can’t kill me! If you do, my elder brother will avenge my death for me! Do you know who my brother is? He’s from Gu Sha Mercenaries! You’ll be waiting for your doom if you kill me!"

This was Xu Zhouzheng’s trump card. It was only when his life was threatened that he would flash it.

There was a pause in her hand when Yun Jian heard it. Her smile widened.

Oh? Xu Zhouzheng had an elder brother working in Gu Sha?

Gu Sha Mercenaries was globally renowned. Yun Jian was not surprised to bump into one of her people no matter where she went. Sometimes, she would not even know that they were under her. If they had stated it explicitly like Xu Zhouzheng did or let her know in some way or another, it was only then she would find out.

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