The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 425 - Yun Jian’s Warning—One Kill

Chapter 425 - Yun Jian’s Warning—One Kill

"You—you’re from Gu Sha too?" The frantic and hopeless wail came from Xu Zhouzheng.

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His biggest winning card was his elder brother being in Gu Sha Mercenaries. Any trouble that he had gotten into, his brother would protect him—indirectly, Gu Sha Mercenaries would cover for him.

It was due to this that Xu Zhouzheng’s Flying Passage had long reigned as the top second ranking mob in Zhe Province.

"What do you say?" Yun Jian’s eyes were squinted into crescents as she twirled the pistol in her hands twice, easily holding Xu Zhouzheng at gunpoint.

"Alright, done with the cursory jazz. I have you to thank, though. I probably won’t know that my organization, Gu Sha, has useless beings like your brother in it if you didn’t mention it!" Yun Jian had one eye closed as she chuckled haughtily and looked at Xu Zhouzheng.

"No! Don’t kill me! I know I’m wrong, don’t kill me!" Realizing that Yun Jian was not at all ruffled by the fact that his brother was from Gu Sha, Xu Zhouzheng was promptly aware that Yun Jian could actually be a Gu Sha member as well—she could even be a high-ranking executive!

Xu Zhouzheng was completely frazzled.

He suddenly turned to sprint forward, like he was fleeing for his life.

The guests who watched him escape in a frenzy had only thought that it felt unrealistic.

Xu Zhouzheng was the boss of Taizhou City’s Flying Passage! Yet, he was being pressed to this extent by Yun Jian!

Yan Tianlei knew that if he stayed silent, what could happen would possibly happen, thus speaking up to Yun Jian, "Hello, young lady. I’m from Yan Family which deals in armaments. I wonder if you could let Brother Xu go this time for me?"

Yan Tianlei’s words halted Yun Jian’s hand that was pulling the trigger. Delighted, the man thought that he had managed to persuade Yun Jian only to hear a loud band in the next second.

A wisp of smoke puffed from the pistol in Yun Jian’s hand but she wore a blank expression.

Where the loud bang had hit, it was Xu Zhouzheng who was scampering away being shot in the heart, killing him at the scene.

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Yun Jian’s marksmanship was swift and accurate to a fault!

The guests stared at her in terror, watching as she pulled back the pistol and turned to Yan Tianlei who blanched immediately, replying, "For you? Who are you? Why should I do that for the sake of you?"

Death was certain for Xu Zhouzheng.

Xu Zetian was nearly killed and that shot was meant for him.

Xu Zhouzheng wanted her dead!

Yun Jian had stated before that she would kill anyone who wanted her life one step ahead of the party.

Xu Zhouzheng’s death was also Flying Passage’s doom. It was the easiest for a gang without its boss to be taken over by someone else.

"I..." Yan Tianlei did not even have a speck of color on his face.

It was not just him, the people there who had years and vast experience in mobs were entirely dumbstruck when they saw Yun Jian killing someone so decisively without any fret after that. It was as if killing someone was like having a meal to her.

Was she really a teenage girl?

Taking in the terrorized expression of the guests, Yun Jian gave a light snort.

She was in no hurry to leave, declaring instead, "I’ve never taken killing anyone or doing anything lightly. Flying Passage has to pay the price for daring to lay its finger on my Falcon Hall!"

"Listen up, the rest of you. If anyone dares touch anyone or anything of Falcon Hall in the future, how the Flying Passage ends is how you’ll end!"

Then, Yun Jian flashed a stunning but eerie grin. "Don’t worry, I usually kill people in an instant! If you want to have a taste of it, try Falcon Hall!"

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