The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 426 - The End Of Flying Passage And Xu Zetian’s Wife

Chapter 426 - The End Of Flying Passage And Xu Zetian’s Wife

Laying a finger on anyone and even anything of Falcon Hall would have one end one up like Flying Passage!

Flying Passage was ruined!

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As if to prove the point, Yun Jian had led Falcon Hall’s high-ranking members to invade Flying Passage’s headquarters after she went back.

Losing their leader, Flying Passage was caught in internal strife. Striking an invasion on Falcon Hall at this time, Yun Jian and her men managed to subdue all of Flying Passage’s executive members despite being outnumbered. They had taken over the whole group in less than a day!

Zhe Province’s second biggest mob, Flying Passage, one that even the province’s largest mafia group, Panthers Pack, could not eliminate, was overthrown by Falcon Hall, the gang ranked last in the whole province in less than a day and was swiftly absorbed by it.

Now that Falcon Hall had dominated Flying Passage’s territory, it naturally became the second biggest gang in Zhe Province by default!

This meant that all the territories previously claimed by Flying Passage were now seized by Falcon Hall.

When the news got out, it shook the whole black market.

Everyone was also made aware of the fact that Flying Passage had planned to fight for Falcon Hall’s territory in the beginning, but the failure of it resulted in the former’s boss, Xu Zhouzheng, sending a sniper to assassinate Falcon Hall’s leader, Slaying Luo.

The sniper, however, had mistaken the target and shot Falcon Hall’s previous leader, Xu Zetian, almost killing the man.

This evoked the wrath of Falcon Hall’s new boss. Slaying Luo to head to Flying Passage’s headquarters alone and kill the leader, Xu Zhouzheng, single handedly before invading the gang that had then lost its leader and overrunning the group!

Initially, Flying Passage’s leader, Xu Zhouzheng, had his eyes set on a busy location of Falcon Hall’s claimed territory only for the matter to escalate into Falcon Hall’s boss, Slaying Luo, seizing his whole mob in the end.

Everyone involved in the mafia was stunned to their core when they first heard the news.

Not only was Falcon Hall’s new boss, Slaying Luo, a woman, but she was also capable!

Flying Passage was not a weakling, but which mafia boss in Country Z was as aggressive as this woman?!

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After this, there were probably going to be countless petrified mafia bosses at the mention of Yun Jian’s title.

Who would dare call her a woman who depended on men to get to where she was now?

Beware! They would end up like Flying Passage!


After Yun Jian overthrew Flying Passage, Falcon Hall’s executive members were hectic.

It went without saying that Yun Jian had only led them to invade and occupy Flying Passage. The hustle and bustle afterward was all left to said men.

These men were currently buzzing in a frenzied thrill.

At the headquarters of Falcon Hall, Xu Zetian regained consciousness in less than one and a half days under Su Zifan’s care.

When Yun Jian was done tending to her matters, she came to visit him at the headquarters.

Su Zifan had just left after his routine check up and Xu Zetian was accompanied by his wife all the while.

It was Yun Jian’s first time meeting his wife, Lin Wanru. She was in her forties and looked gentle and virtuous, like a daughter of a well-known intellectual family.

Xu Zetian was in the gang but he loved his wife immensely. He only had Lin Wanru as his wife with Xu Haozhe as their only son in this lifetime.

He rarely let his wife come in touch with the gang affairs usually, keeping her well protected.

There were not many nowadays who were able to achieve what Xu Zetian had done.

Seeing that Yun Jian had come to visit, Lin Wanru moved away while Xu Zetian raised his head up in an attempt to sit up from the bed.

"Sister Jian..."

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